In Breakdown Express you use Eco Cast to request self-tapes from actors and share your auditions with your clients. It also integrates with the Eco Cast desktop audition session software. To get started, first you need to create an Eco Cast:

How To Create an Eco Cast

1) Go to the “Eco Cast” drop down menu and click “Start New.”

2)   Fill in the title where it says, "Create Title." You're welcome to add a description. The description is for when sharing your videos with a client.

4)  Select your breakdown from the menu where it says "Breakdown." This is optional unless you populate the Eco Cast "By Schedule" Or "By Role."

5)     Add actors to your Eco Cast by clicking on a button for one of these five methods:

        Manually- To add actors manually, click "Continue to Media Uploader". You can add actors and upload videos and other media in the next window.

        By Schedule- This will allow you import an audition schedule into Eco Cast. To add actors from a schedule, first select a Breakdown, then select the schedule which will appear in a box below the button (Shift and click to choose multiple schedules). Click "use confirmed actors only" to make sure the system only populates the Eco Cast with actors who have confirmed their time slots, otherwise all actors in your chosen sessions will be put into the Eco Cast.  

         By Role- To add the actors you selected in your submissions page, first select a Breakdown, then you will see a list of roles from which to choose. Make sure to check the box by the character name and then click on the number that corresponds to the actors you want to add to the Eco Cast.

     From The Clipboard- To add actors from the clipboard.  The clipboard allows you copy and paste actors from one Eco Cast into another.

     Open Call- To set up an open Open Call, use this option.  

6)   Click on "Continue to Details Page." At this point you'll see all the actors you've added on the left hand side. You can now select the actors you want to self-tape and then click on "Invite to Eco Cast."

Next Steps: