Eco Cast is an audition media management tool that can be used to request self-tapes, record and upload live auditions, and share them online for your clients to view. To learn more about the recording process, you will need to download the Eco Cast Desktop Software.

To get started, first you will need to create an Eco Cast:

How To Create an Eco Cast

1) Login to your account and go to the “Eco Cast” drop down menu at the top of the website page and click “Start New.”

2) In the "Create Title" field, type in the name of the Eco Cast. Generally this is the name of the project, or a role name. The description field is for any notes you want to share with the client.

3) Click on the drop down arrow in the Breakdown field. A list of current Breakdowns will appear. Select one.

4) There are multiple ways to add actors to an Eco Cast. Choose the one that works best for you. We suggest starting with “By Role”.

Manually - This is for advanced users. To add actors manually, click "Continue to Media Uploader." You can add actors and upload videos and other media in the next window.

By Schedule - This option is generally used by Casting Directors to record live auditions. Once recorded, you can upload and share them with clients. To add actors from a schedule, first select a Breakdown. Now select the schedule. You may choose one or more schedules. Be sure to click "use confirmed actors only" so the system only populates the Eco Cast with actors who have confirmed their time slots, otherwise ALL actors in your chosen sessions will be added.

By Role (Recommended) - To add actors by role, first select a Breakdown. A list of roles will appear. Select the role(s) you want to audition by checking the box next to the role name. Now you can add the actors by checking the number(s) next to the role name. These numbers correspond to the selections you made on your Submissions page.

For example, for your first round of self tapes, you can select only the actors you assigned a Number 1 for your lead role. Or, if you prefer, you can select all roles and all numbers. You have many options.

From The Clipboard - This option allows you to add the actors that were copied to the clipboard and paste them into a new Eco Cast.

Open Call - This option allows actors to submit self-tapes without being invited. This is done before a Breakdown is published, so you do not have to choose a Breakdown for this option. More details on setting up Open Calls can be found in this article.

5) Click on "Continue to Details Page." At this point, you'll be able to begin inviting actors to self-tape and upload media.

Next Steps: