By creating an Open Call before you submit a Breakdown, you will be able to immediately receive auditions from actors the minute the Breakdown is published.

Open Call links allow actors to click on a link to a role, and submit a video audition immediately without the need of a formal invitation from the Casting Director. These links are created by the Casting Director before a Breakdown is published - so our writers will attach these links to the roles so that actors will be able to submit right away.

Creating the Open Call

1) To begin creating an open call, sign in to your Breakdown Express account. If you do not have a Breakdown Express account and are interested in having actors submit self-tapes directly to you without an invitation, please contact us for assistance at

2) After you've signed in, you can go to "Eco Casts" at the top of the page and click "Start New." 

3) Create an Eco Cast “Title” that is easily identifiable to you. The “Description” field is optional and is for internal use between you and your team. However this time, do not select a Breakdown.  Click on the “Open Call” button and then the “Continue to Details” button.

4) Once you've created the Open Call, you can visit your "Open Call Invitations" tab to start managing your Open Call Eco Cast.

5) To begin creating the open call link(s), click "Create New."

6) Fill out the invitation completely, then click "Continue."

7) If you have sides or other media, you can include them here. If not, click "Return to Invitation."

8) Now you have officially made the invitation for one role and you can manage your invitation(s).  If you need to add additional links/roles you can always click on "Create New" to continue to make more, and repeat this process. 

9) To get the link posted on the Breakdown, you can click "Copy URL" and email the link to the writers for them to attach it to your roles. Be sure to state the project name and which link belongs to which role. 

Below are the emails for the appropriate offices:

And then you're done! Once your Breakdown is posted, actors will be able to click on the links to submit to your open call. 

How to Update an Existing Open Call Invitation

After you have created the Open Call Eco Cast, click on the "Open Call Invitations" tab and under "Attachments" click on "Add Attachments" to upload sides.

Next Steps