Through Eco Cast, you can request actors to submit self tape auditions. To invite actors to submit self tape auditions, follow one of these three approaches:

First Approach - Invite From Eco Cast

1) Login into your account, go to the "Eco Cast" drop down menu, and select "My Eco Cast." Follow this link for instructions on how to create an Eco Cast.

2) The "My Eco Cast" page lists all your current Eco Casts. Click the title to open the Eco Cast you are looking for.

3) This is the “Attached Actors” page. There are three sections at the top of this page – "Filters", "Select", and "With Selected". The actor’s list appears below these sections.

To invite individual actors, click the check mark next to the actor(s) you want to invite. To invite all actors, click "Select All Actors" – this button is located up in the “Select” section.

Then select "Invite to Eco Cast” – this button is located up in the "With Selected" section.

4) After selecting "Invite to Eco Cast", a cMail page will open. Fill in all required fields. Create an internal label that is useful to you. Many Casting Directors choose the same title they used to create the Eco Cast. 

The subject line is pre-populated. The “To:” field will contain all the actors you selected. Don’t worry – they cannot see any name but their own. 

The "Instructions" box is for things like “please frame yourself from mid-chest to just above the top of your head” and other things specific to this audition. Set a deadline for submissions. Choose if you would like to receive submission notes. Attach sides by selecting the "Attach a File" button. When the form is complete click "Send Eco Cast Invitation".

5) After the Invitation has been sent, a new "Eco Cast Invitations" tab will appear at the top of your Eco Cast. 

6) Through the "Eco Cast Invitations" tab, you can view a scrollable roster of your invited actors with their current status: "Sent," "Opened," "Accepted," or "Declined" (highlighted in the yellow status column below). You can also extend the deadline for Eco Cast submissions by adjusting the date and time (highlighted in the red box below). To add sides to the invitation, select the "Add Media" button and choose the file you wish to upload. If you wish to remove sides from an invitation, click the "Remove" link. This tab also allows you to send a follow up message to your invited actors, or to add additional actors to the existing invitation. 

If you wish to cancel the invitation, click "Cancel Invitation.A message will send alerting the actors that this invitation has been cancelled by the Casting Director.

The Second Approach - Invite from Submissions


1) To invite an actor to self tape from your submissions, click on the number under "Unviewed," "Viewed," or "Selected" for the role. Once on the page, click the check mark below the actor(s) you want to invite; then select "Invite to Self Tape."

 2) You can create a new Eco Cast or add the actor(s) to an existing Eco Cast. 

2a) To create a new Eco Cast, select "Create Eco Cast," title the Eco Cast and click "Create Eco Cast." Once you select "Create Eco Cast," the next step will be to create the invitation. 

Complete the form, scroll down, and select "Send Eco Cast Invitation" at the bottom of the window.

2b) When adding to an existing Eco Cast, select "Existing Eco Cast," enter the title of the Eco Cast and click on the empty title bar to view your existing Eco Casts. Select the one you want. You can “Add to Existing Invitation” which means the actor(s) will receive the same invitation previously sent. You also have the option to “Create A New Invitation” which will allow you to send a different invitation to this actor(s). (Example: You want this new actor to read different sides, or use an accent, etc.)

When you click "Add to Existing Invitation," you have the ability to change the deadline, but if the deadline has already passed you must create a new deadline.  Click "Add Actors to the Invitation" when you're ready to send it out.

Third Approach - Invite from Schedule

1) If an actor cannot make it to your audition, it's very easy to invite them to self-tape from a schedule. Open your schedule, then click on "Review Schedule." On the left, you will see the "Working Schedule" column. Select the actor(s) by clicking the "Self-Tape" button. You can select one or multiple actors this way. Scroll back up to the top of the page and click "Invite to Self Tape." This button will indicate how many actors you have selected.

2) You can choose to create a new Eco Cast or invite the actor(s) to an existing Eco Cast. See the instructions under "Inviting From Submissions" for more details on these steps.

How to Update an Existing Eco Cast Invitation

If you need to update an existing Eco Cast invitation, go to the "My Eco Casts" page, and click on the title of the Eco Cast to which you want to update. You can make start making changes to your Eco Cast, such as adding or removing media, changing the instructions, the deadline, etc.

1) Once you have selected the Eco Cast to which you would like to add sides to, click on the "Eco Cast Invitations" tab. To add sides to the invitation, select the "Add Media" button and choose the file you wish to upload. If you wish to remove sides from an invitation, click the "Remove" link.

2) When your file is uploaded click on “Return to Invitation.”

3) When you return to the invitation, you will be asked to choose “Send Notification” or “Set As Already Notified” in the pop up window that appears. Choosing "Send Notification" will alert any of the invited actors or reps of the invitation change. Choosing "Set As Already Notified" will not alert them, but will save the change for the reps and actors to view.

Or, you can select one of these options on the left hand side of the “Eco Cast Invitations” tab.

Note: If you do not select either one of these options, actors and reps will not be able to see the added sides.

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