One of the most important features of Eco Cast is the Presentation view. This feature allows you to send a link of your Eco Cast, with your selected actors and their self taped auditions attached, to a client or collaborator. 

How to Share Auditions with Clients 

1) Login to your account, go to the "Eco Cast" drop down menu, and select "My Eco Cast". Follow this link for instructions on how to create an Eco Cast.

2) In the "My Eco Cast" page all current Eco Casts are listed. Click the title to enter the Eco Cast.

3) To view the Presentation before sending it, select "Preview Presentation". 

This will allow you to view the Presentation link and see what your clients will see once you share it with them.

4) In the Presentation, select "Settings" to modify the page to be viewed by your clients.

In this tab, you can make changes to the default settings of the Presentation. To change the default settings, check or uncheck the boxes below. 

  • To adjust how the actors display in the Presentation, click "Default Filter". Choose "By Role", "By Group", or "By Actor". Your client will be able to change their view, but this sets their default view. 

  • In the "Description" line, you can add details about the the Presentation.

  • The " Show size card" option will display actor's size cards if they are available. "Show created and updated dates" will display the day the Presentation was created and the date it was last updated. Check "Allow filtering 'By Group'" if you would your client to have the option to see the Presentation by Group .

  • Casting notes will show any notes that you have made about each actor in that Eco Cast.

  • Check the "Show only actors with media" setting to filter only actors that have submitted media in the Presentation. The "Allow downloading media" setting lets you download videos from the Presentation.

  • Print Log Settings will toggle what information to make visible on the Print Log, or to include at all

  • If you would like to receive feedback on the actors from your client, check the Feedback Settings options.

  • A security feature of the client link is the password setting. Add a password to the fields to protect your Presentation

  • Additionally, you can select a date for your Presentation to expire through the "Expiration Date" box. 

Be sure to click "Save" when you have completed your changes.

5) Select "View Print Log" on the left side of the Presentation, to create a hard copy of your Eco Cast or export your list of actors to an Excel Spreadsheet.

Select "Print" for a hard copy of the Presentation. To transfer your list of actors to an Excel spreadsheet, click "Export".

The "Order By" drop down allows you to sort the list by the preferences provided. 

6) To send the Presentation to your client, click "Share".  Emails used previously for this project are saved, just choose them from the "Select Recipient" drop-down menu to send to them again. Otherwise, click "Create New Recipient", then fill in the recipient(s) email address and enter an "Alias Name". When clients submit feedback, their Alias Name will display for that feedback. If you do not input an Alias Name, the client's email address will display for any feedback given. 

Provide a message in the message field, and once you are ready to send the message and link, click "Send". 


How to Share Custom Presentations

There are two ways to create and send custom Presentations. 

1) Go to the"Attached Actors" tab. Select the actors you wish to include in the Presentation by clicking on the check marks next to their names. Once you have selected the actor(s), select "Create Presentation" in the "With Selected" box. 

2) Title the Presentation, then select "Continue".

3) In the "Presentations"tab, you will find the list of your Presentations. Click the title of the Presentation to open the Presentation. 

The second option is to create the custom Presentation from within the Default Presentation. 

1) Click "Menu" and select "Create Presentation".

2) Enter a title for the Presentation.

3) Then select the actors to add to the Presentation and click "Done". The actors will be added to your custom Presentation.

4) In the "Menu" button, you will be able to "Reorder Actors" in the Presentation, and "Add Actors" to any of your custom Presentations. Actors will only be able to be added from the Default Presentation. In addition, you can "Remove Actors" and "Duplicate Presentation". 

5) To delete a custom Presentation, go to the Presentations tab and click the trash can icon. 

Eco Cast Next Steps