Once an Eco Cast self tape audition has been submitted, you can view the media files in your Eco Cast by following these steps: 

How to View Eco Cast Auditions

1) Login into your account, go to the "Eco Cast" drop down menu, and select "My Eco Cast". Follow this link for instructions on how to create an Eco Cast. 

2) In the "My Eco Cast" page all current Eco Casts are listed. Click on the title of the Eco Cast to enter it.

3) In the "Attached Actors" tab, you will find the actors in your Eco Cast listed on the left. Scroll through this list to view the actors in your Eco Cast. Any actor who has uploaded media will have a black camera icon next to their name. Click on the actor's name and their profile will open to the right. In their profile, double click the thumbnail to play the video. 

4) Once you have viewed the video submission, be sure to select the "A,B,C, or Viewed" in the profile card to rate and keep track of your audition submissions. 

You can use the filters box to sort through all of the actors by their status.


Next Steps:

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