How Run an Audition session with Eco Cast Desktop

  1. Click on the Eco Cast Desktop icon and log in with your Breakdown Express Username and Password.

  2. Select the Eco Cast you wish to work with and choose where on your computer to save the raw audition footage.

  3. The left hand column now shows the actors you have scheduled for this audition session while the right side will show you what your camera is pointing at.  You must have a compatible camera connected to your computer.  

  4. When actors enter the room, click on the blue plus button for the actor or actors in front of you. If the actor you are auditioning is not on the list, click “Add Actor."  Then type their name and click “search."  Choose the correct actor from the provided list, choose the proper talent rep, and enter the role they are reading for.  Then click “Add." 

  1. If you would like to take a current picture of the actor to use in place of their standard headshot, click the camera icon to take a snapshot of what the camera sees.  Crop the image as needed and click “OK."

  2. If you need the actor to slate, click  the small slate icon to start recording them. Then, click the Stop button or the spacebar on your keyboard to stop recording.

  3. For the audition scenes, click on the red circle button to start recording and the black square button to stop recording.  You can also use your spacebar to stop and start recording.

  4. After the audition is done, choose the clips you want uploaded by toggling the “approved/not approved” button below each clip.  Then, click “upload” and the actor’s audition will be uploaded to your Eco Cast online.

  5. Check on the status of your uploads by clicking the “queue” icon here.  You do not need to wait for uploads to finish before moving on to the next actor.

  6. If you would like to delay your uploads until after the session is over, hold down the OPTION key on your keyboard and click the “finish” button instead.

  7. Now, click on the Review tab at the top. This view shows the history of all the auditions you have recorded in this session.  Now you can take your time to do any editing on your scenes.

  8. To edit a clip, hover over a particular video and click the scissor icon.  Here, you can use the markers to choose in and out points, then click “trim” to keep only the section you highlighted, or “cut” to remove the section you highlighted.   If you make a mistake, click “revert” to return to the un-altered version of the clip.  Then click “OK."

  9. You can also merge clips into one file by clicking the merge button.  Just drag and drop the scenes into your desired order and click “Join”.

  10. Then click the arrow button to upload the approved scenes for this audition only, or the “upload all” button to send all scenes to the website..