Secure Sides is a feature that allows Casting Directors to upload and share sides and other instructional materials directly to all types of audition invitations through Breakdown Express.

Send Sides, NDAs, and other audition material directly to Actors by uploading files directly to the roles on your submissions page. Once uploaded, you can add security options, add or remove files from roles, and edit the titles of your files. Sides and audition material can then be added to any audition invitation you send, whether it's an Eco Cast Self-tape request, an invitation for a remote Eco Cast Live audition, or an invitation for an in-person audition.

Attach Files to Roles on the Submissions Page

1) On the main page of your Breakdown Express account, click on the title of the desired project. This will take you to your submission grid, where you can see a list of all the roles for this particular Breakdown. To add files to a role, click the "Add" button underneath the role description.

2) From here, you can upload multiple files to this role. Files can include text documents, photos, videos, or audio material.* Once you have uploaded the material you want, rename it if needed and click the "Save" button.

*The following File Types are permitted:

  • Videos: 3g2, 3gp, asf, avchd, avi, m2v, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg4, mpg, mpg4, mts, webm, wmv

  • Audio: m4a, mp3, wav, wma

  • Photos: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pict, pct, tiff, tif, heic

  • Documents: pdf

Please note, files uploaded to a role will not be released to Actors or Talent Representatives until they are sent in an audition invitation. They will just be available for you to manage or add to invitations.

3a) Once your files are uploaded and saved, you can click on the "..." button to manage each individual file. 

Clicking this button will bring up a menu of options including:

  • "Attach to Additional Role" - This option allows you to easily attach this file to another role from this Breakdown. Click on the drop-down menu ("-- Select a Role --") to see a list of available roles you can attach the file to. Then click "Save" to attach the file to that role as well.

  • "Security & Permissions" - This option allows you to add security features directly to this file. These features can be altered at any time.


  • "Watermark" - Will automatically watermark the pages of the file with the name of the Actor and the date and time they downloaded or viewed it.

  • "Actor via Actors Access" - Will only allow the file to be opened or viewed by the Actor in their Actors Access account. Talent Representatives will not be able to access the file.

  • "Only visible after Actor is confirmed" - Will only allow the file to be opened or viewed after the Actor has confirmed they are attending the audition or submitting a self-tape.

  • "Online only (remove print/download options)" - Will only allow the Actor to view the file online in their Actors Access account. Print and download options are disabled.

  • "Rename" - This option allows you to rename the file at any time.

  • "Download" - This option will download the file directly to your device.

  • "Delete" - This option will permanently remove this file from this role.

3b) If you have added security options, they will appear next to the file name for easy reference.

4) Once sides or audition material have been added to a role, the files will be available to include in invitations for Eco Cast Live remote, in-person, or Eco Cast self-tape auditions. You will just need to put a checkmark next to the files you want to include. You will also be able to add and manage files when creating audition invitations the same way you can add or manage files on your submissions page. For more information on sending sides with audition invitations, check out our help articles on requesting self-tapes and creating a schedule.

5) If you wish to include sides in an audition invitation, be sure to check “Include” next to the file name. Otherwise, the sides will not be sent. You can click on the "..." button to manage each file and edit the security features if you choose to do so. 

If you wish to add or remove sides after an invitation has been sent, you may check or uncheck the “Include” box next to each file and then click “Update Invitation.”

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