Ready to set up your Auditions? Now it is time to create the Sides.

If your Sides have already been created, click here to see How to Attach Sides and Audition Material to Roles.

How to Create Sides For Your Auditions 

1) Click on Create Sides.” This will bring up your Sides management screen.

2) Now, click on “Upload New Script.

3) Click on “Select PDF” to choose your Script from your computer or device. Provide a Script Name for the Script, select a Breakdown from the drop down menu on the right, if you would like the Script you upload to be associated with a specific Breakdown, then click “Upload.” 

4) Once your Script is uploaded, click on “Create New Sides.”

5) Here you'll be able to attach other relevant media, such as a non-disclosure agreement, photo reference, or map. Then, click “Next.”

6) Now the most important step, creating the Sides. Our software compiles a list of the roles from the Script. 

Click on the Role you want to create Sides for. Then click on the scenes you wish to use to make the Sides, and click “Next.”

The document must be in standard screenplay formatting (with standard margins and scene headings) and have editable text in order to process. Any pdf can be uploaded, but if it is not formatted correctly, the system will skip this step and go right to the next step with all the pages in the pdf loaded. 

7) The next page shows you the Script pages so you can manually mark them up as you like. 

  • Click on “Add Mark-up” to put in a “START” and/or “END”  indicator

  • Use “Cross-Out” or Redact” to hide unwanted information on the Script

  • Use “Drawing Mode” to draw freehand on your Sides

  • You can also add the name of the project, role name and/or page numbers

  • Click “Reset Page” to start over

8) When you are finished, click on “Download Sides” to download your marked-up Sides. 

9) You can distribute your downloaded Sides two ways:

Upload Sides directly to your Schedule or Audition Invitation.

Click here to see How to Attach Sides and Audition Material to Roles.

Or email your downloaded Sides to with your project title and role names, and we will make them available for Actors and/or Talent Representatives to download from the Sides websites (Sides Express for Talent Representatives and Showfax for Actors). 

Click here for further information on How to Make Sides Available to Actors on Showfax and Talent Representatives on Sides Express.

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