Once you've selected the submissions that you're interested in, you can create a schedule for in-person auditions. 

Creating an In-Person Audition Schedule

1) On your project's submissions page, hover over the Schedules tab at the top of the page and click "Create Audition". 

2) On the Create Audition page, enter the "Date""Start and end time" for your audition. When you select your "Time Zone", the actor will receive only their schedule and it will be converted to their local time. The "Room" option does not reference physical audition rooms, instead it is used to overlap sessions that will be taking place at the same time.

3) In the "How do you want to schedule your actors" section, there are four different options for adding Actors into your schedule. The four options are: "Randomly from selected role(s)", "Read Together (Multiple Roles)", "Grouped by selected role(s) throughout the day", and "None".

        - Randomly from select role(s): This option will populate the selected Actor(s) randomly into the schedule. Input the number of Actors you want to audition per time slot in the "Number of Talent" box and then add the length of each time slot. Check the "Include Breaks" box if you'd like to include a break, and then select the roles/selection numbers you'd like to include in the "Include Roles" section.

        - Read Together (Multiple Roles): To have Actors for different roles audition together, use this option. Input the number of talent you want per role per time slot, length of each time slot, and check the roles/selection numbers you'd like to include.

     - Grouped by selected role(s) throughout the day: Select this option to group audition time slots by role throughout the day. This allows you to isolate the roles in the schedule. Input the number of talent per time slot, length of each time slot, and check the roles/selection numbers you'd like to include. Select "Continue"

On the next page, you can adjust the order of your schedule. Click and drag the role up or down to the appropriate time slot.

To customize the options for each role click on the triangle beside the role name. A drop-down menu will open with options to adjust the time slot preferences. You can change select number, change the number of Actors per time slot, or define an end time for that role. Click "Update Schedule" to save your changes.

To add a break, click and drag the "Add Break" label to the appropriate slot in the schedule. Select the triangle to edit the length of the break. 

    - None: To create a blank schedule, select this option. Selecting this means there will be no automated scheduling and you will need to manually move Actors into time slots. Input the length of each time slot.

4) Once you have entered your audition session criteria, select "Create Schedule"

Reviewing Your Schedule

1) Next, select "Review Schedule" to view your Working Schedule.

2) The Working Schedule section holds all of the time slots and the Actors that are placed into each time slot. The Available Talent section holds all of the submissions that you've selected from all of your roles. 

3) If needed, you can now manually adjust the Actors' times as necessary. Click here for guidance on editing your schedule. 

Notifying Actors Of Their Audition Times 

1) Once you have reviewed your schedule and you've got the Actors in the times you want, select "Create Notification" to prepare the invitation to your audition. 

2) On the Create Notification pop-up window, fill out the message fields, specifying notes for the audition and the location address. The actor will receive only their scheduled time and will display their local time to them. 

Note: The "Check Conflicts" box refers to commercial conflicts. This will remind an Actor to check if they have any contractual conflicts preventing them from auditioning. As well, "Allow Notes From Recipients" gives Agents/Actors the ability to include a note when they confirm the audition. 

3) You can include sides to your invitation by selecting the check-box next to the file name if you have already attached sides to the role. If you would like to include additional files, such as NDAs or reference material, you can click “Add” to include those as well. 


Note: Make sure that the check-box next to the file name is selected (highlighted blue with a checkmark). Otherwise, the sides will not be sent. 


Note: Click on the "..." button next to the file name to manage and enable its security features, which include: “Attach to Additional Role”, “Security & Permissions”, “Rename”, “Download”, and “Delete”.

4) Click "Send Message" to send the notification. 

5) You can view the Actor/Talent Representative audition notification responses in the Working Schedule section on the Review Schedule page. The Actor/Talent Representative can respond stating whether he or she is "Confirmed", "Requesting Reschedule" or "Unavailable for Audition", and can also request a time change or a self tape audition by including a note with their response.

For more instructions on moving an Actor to a new time slot, click here. For more information on receiving self tape auditions, follow this link.

Note: Once the invitation has been sent, its sides and other audition reference materials can be revised when you click on the “Revised Sides” button in the Working Schedule section. Files uploaded through the “Revised Sides” button will remain available as attachable files for the role henceforth but will not be automatically sent to the role’s other existing audition invitation.

Next Steps