If you've created a schedule and the Actors need new time slots you'll want to edit the audition schedule. Another situation may be that you want to add a new Actor to a time slot that someone else has declined.  Follow these steps to learn how to edit the existing schedule:

How to Edit a Schedule 

1) Go to the “Schedules,” drop down menu and click “View Calendar."

2) This page shows all your audition sessions. Find your session on the calendar and click to view its details.

3) This page gives you an overview of the day.  Click “Review schedule” for the session you want to edit.

4) If an Actor has requested a different time, click “Move,” and either move them to a new time slot, or move them to a whole new session.

5) If an Actor has said they are unavailable, click “Move” and choose “Unschedule this Actor,” to move them to “Available Talent."

6) To replace Actors, find a new Actor from the “Available talent,” list on the right, click “Move,” and choose their new time slot.

7)   Lastly, click “Update Notification,” to resend the notification with the Actors instructions and the audition location.  Only the Actors who have been added or have had their times changed will be notified.

Next Steps: