After you have finished creating your audition schedule, you can print off a physical copy of the schedule to bring to the audition and use as your session sheet or to keep for your records.

Printing a Single Audition Session

1) Go to your "Current Projects" page and select the project that you want to print a schedule for by clicking on the breakdown's title. 

2) On your project's submissions page, go to the top of the page and select the "Schedules" drop-down. Click "View Existing"

3) Select the box for the date/time of your audition session OR click on the "List View" to view your audition sessions in a text-only layout (in order of oldest to most recent), then select the session you want to print.

4) The next page shows an overview of your whole day. Click "Review Schedule" for the session you want to print. 

5) Click "Print Session" at the top right. 

6) A new window will pop up that showcases your audition's schedule. By selecting the black arrows beside the column titles, you can organize your schedule by Confirmation, Time, Name, Role, or Agency.

If you only want to show Actors from a specific agency, select the "Show All" drop-down at the top of the page and select the name of the agency you wish to filter by. 

7) You can also include or hide information like the Actors' photos or agencies by going to the list of items at the top right of the window and checking or un-checking the box of whatever detail you would like to include or not include.

8) When you are ready to print your schedule, select "Print Schedule". If you would like to download a spreadsheet copy of your schedule, select "Export to Spreadsheet"

Please Note - Picture thumbnails will not export to the spreadsheet.

Printing an Entire Day of Sessions

1) Follow Steps 1-3 listed above in the "Printing a Single Audition Session" section.  

2) Click "Print Schedule" in the top right-hand corner and then select "All Schedules".

3) A new window will pop up that showcases your audition's schedule for the entire day. To organize your schedule by the sessions throughout the day, check the "Display by Session" option in the top right corner.  Or leave it unchecked to print all scheduled Actors for that day in chronological order, regardless of the session they are scheduled in. Follow Steps 6-8 listed above in the previous section to continue to edit the information presented and to print or download your schedule. 

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