Here is a helpful video tutorial that will show you how to manage your performance media and create clips: 



From your Actors Access home screen, select Manage Media


Or navigate to the "Media" option under the "My Tools" menu.



The "Manage Media" section will allow you to add new video/audio as well as manage your existing media:


1) Reorder media listings


2) Re-title media listings


3) Edit descriptions


4) Preview existing media


5) Create Clips from existing media


6) Download media files


7) Remove media listings


Removed media listings will go into an archived section that only you can access via your account. You can restore the archived footage at any time.



The check boxes to the right of the description box note which of your Representatives has access to this media file.



Please note that it is always available on your main Actors Access account, unless you choose to remove and archive it.

Next Steps: