Solutions to Common Video Upload Issues

1) If your file is not already a .mp4, try converting or outputting to .mp4. Formats such as .mov sometimes present compatibility issues. .mp4 is a more readily acceptable video container type.

Here is a free online video editor that will allow you to convert to a .mp4.

2) Be sure that the file extension (.mp4) is in all lower case letters. If they are upper case, it may prevent the upload.

3) Remove any special characters ($%/?&,’) or additional periods in the actual file name. Note that there can be only one period signaling the file extension: .mp4

Example: will not work. You would need to remove the period between "my" and "demo reel". 

4) Clear your browser cache and cookies. Sometimes a file from another website or an older version of our website will get saved into your cache, which can cause problems using the site. 

Here are instructions on how to clear your browser cache and cookies.

5) An unstable WiFi connection can cause failed uploads. If possible, try connecting through an Ethernet cable rather than wireless, or move your device closer to the Wifi router to ensure optimal connection speed. You can also try rebooting your router.

Here is a free online test you can take to check your internet speed.

6) File size can be a factor as well. The larger the file, the longer the upload process. The longer the upload time, the more chances that your connection will suffer a drop. Unless specifically stated otherwise by the Casting Director, we recommend uploading your slate and each scene or take as separate files. This allows for smaller file sizes and faster uploading times.

Our uploader can accept video files up to 1GB in size. However, if your file is over 500 MB, you may consider outputting the media file to a smaller size to ensure a speedier upload.

7) If you are filming using a recent iPhone model, check to see if it is set to "High Efficiency" mode when filming or taking photos. This setting can sometimes cause encoding errors. We recommend changing this setting to "Most Compatible". This change can be made by going to the "Settings" app. Once you are in “Settings”, select “Camera” and then “Formats.”

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