Performance Media (video and audio) is a great tool to showcase your work when submitting to Casting Directors. You can upload as many reels or clips as you would like on your Actors Access profile. There will be a fee for any video added to the profile, even if you're removing/replacing older video. It is $22 for up to a minute of video, and $22 for each additional minute. Note that there is a 4 second grace period at the top of each minute. Once that 4 second grace period is exceeded, you will be charged $22 for the next minute.


Example: A video that is up to 1:04 will cost $22. A video that is 1:05 - 2:05 will cost $44 and so on.


For audio uploads, there is an $11 per minute fee, and the same grace period applies. 


How to Add New Performance Video


1) Sign in to your Actors Access account and go to the  MY TOOLS dropdown menu, select Manage My Profile, then Media.

2) Click Add New Performance Video to add video. Or click Add New Audio Demo to add an audio file. 



3) Click Browse to find your media file on your device. The media you upload must be stored on the device you are using to log in to your Actors Access account. Actors Access does not support media links that are hosted on other sites, you will need to upload the actual files.

Once you have selected the file, the name of the file will appear.  Click Upload to continue. You can only upload one file at a time.

4) Once your media has finished uploading, it will play for you to preview. Make sure to add a descriptive title for the video, so Casting Directors can clearly understand what the video is about.


You can then select Trim/Clip Video or Add Video to Cart

If you do not need to trim or create clips, select Add Video to Cart. This will take you to your cart, where you can check out or add additional media items to the cart. If you would like to trim your video or create clips, please read the next section.

NOTE: If you have multiple video/audio files to add, be sure to add them all into the cart before checking out. The cart system will charge based on the total running time of all video/audio files added to the cart at the time of checkout. 


How to Create Video Clips

Your Actors Access profile includes a clipping tool that will allow you to trim/clip your video as needed. We recommend breaking demo reels into clips. Casting Directors have repeatedly stated that they prefer individual clips rather than full-length demo reels. Clips allow you and your Representation to submit only the clip(s) that apply to the role to which you're submitting. This will also save you money, as you won't have to routinely update a demo reel and re-upload it every time you get a new clip. You will be able to upload the clip and pay for just that footage.

You can trim/clip videos that you have already uploaded as well. For more information on how to do that, visit How To Manage Existing Performance Media.

1) Click on Trim/Clip Video to navigate to the Clip Creator tool.

2) Click the Play button to get started.

Please note, while the buttons are grey in colour, they are active.

3) To navigate to the preferred start time of your clip you can use the Go to feature (if you know the time-stamp), you can also use the slider tool under the preview, or you can let the video play through until it reaches the correct moment. Once you have reached the point in the video where you would like your clip to start, click Set Clip Start. Do the same for where you want your clip to end and click Set Clip End. These can be adjusted until you are satisfied with the result. 

4) Enter a Clip Title, and then click + Create Clip to save your clip.


5a) You can create multiple clips from the same video. Once you have created all needed clips, click Add to Cart and you will be able to proceed to checkout.

5b) If you would like to post the clip(s) in addition to the full original video, check the box above the Add to Cart button. 

You will be charged $22/minute (or fraction thereof) for your reel as well as $11/minute (or fraction thereof) for the clips. If you only want to post the clips, keep this box unchecked. You will then be charged $22/minute (or fraction thereof) for the amount of time of all the clips combined.


Next Steps: