From your home screen, select BREAKDOWNS and choose the region in which you currently reside. Casting breakdowns are published throughout the day with the most recent breakdowns sorted at the top. 

There are filter options that will allow you to sort breakdowns based on selections such as BREAKDOWNS FIT FOR ME. This will match your profile to casting notices based on 3 general criteria: 

  1. Age Range
  2. Ethnic Appearance
  3. Gender

You can also search by project title, casting director name, or keywords. It's important to review every potential match by reading the breakdown project information and role description in order to determine if there is something desirable. 

Once you find a breakdown/role that you're interested in, you can apply by clicking on the role name. This will bring up a submission window where you will select a photo, video, include your size card, and add an optional note. Note: Your resume and general profile information will automatically be included with each application. 

After you have made the proper selections, you will click: ADD TO CART. This will store your role application in your cart. You can choose to add more roles to the cart, or simply checkout. 

Be sure to send your profile transmissions to casting the same day that a breakdown is posted!

Casting directors will get hundreds, possibly thousands, of submissions on each role they publish. Generally, they will only select roughly 10-15 actors to audition per role. They can typically find the talent they need within the first day of reviewing submitted actor profiles. 

To give yourself the best possible chance of being selected to audition, it's critical to submit ASAP. Submitting even one day after the breakdown publication can severely limit your chances. 

Here is a helpful video tutorial show step-by-step how to apply to casting breakdowns: