1) At the top of each page, click the tab Breakdowns or select the "Breakdowns" button from your homepage.



2) From here you can view the most recent Breakdowns posted for your region.


Filtering options will allow you to view only Breakdowns that fit your profile. For example: choosing Breakdowns Fit For Me will show you only projects with roles matching the following characteristics:

  • Ethnicity
  • Gender (to play)
  • Age Range

Once you find a Breakdown of interest, click the Project Title.



3) The Breakdown details page will provide all available project and role information. If you have used the Breakdowns Fit For Me filter, the roles that match your profile will be highlighted in yellow.


To Submit, click on the role name.



4) A window will pop up providing up to 4 steps:

  • Step 1 - Select the photo that you would like submitted as the default for the chosen role. (Note: Casting will have access to all photos included in your Actors Access photo tab).

  • Step 2 - Select any media you would like to submit to the Casting Director.

  • Step 3 - Select whether or not to include your Size Card. 

  • Step 4 - Leave a note for Casting. (Note: This option is only available when Casting chooses to allow notes).


NOTE: Your general Actor profile and resume will be automatically included with every application!

Then select the “Add to Cart” button.



5) The project you are submitting to will be stored in your Cart.



6) You will then select the button “Proceed to Checkout” or “Submit” depending on your membership status. 


NOTE: “Submit” will appear and there will be a $0 charge if you are an Actors Access PLUS member. PLUS members pay $68 USD a year to receive free sides and free role submissions. To check your status or to view if you are a PLUS member, you will select “My Tools” > “My Account.”

7) Once you have selected “Submit,” you are all finished! You can always view what you have submitted to in the Submissions tab at the top of your page.



Other Submission Information to Know

Ways to Search: You can also search for a project by its title, Casting Director name, or keywords. It's important to review every potential match by reading the Breakdown project information and role description in order to determine if there is something desirable. 


Once you find a Breakdown/role that you're interested in, you can apply by clicking on the role name. This will bring up a submission window where you will select a photo, video, include your size card, and add an optional note. 


Note: Your resume and general profile information will automatically be included with each application. 


Submitting On Time Matters!


Be sure to send your profile transmissions to Casting the same day that a Breakdown is posted!


Casting Directors will get hundreds, possibly thousands, of submissions on each role they publish. Generally, they will only select roughly 10-15 Actors to audition per role. They can typically find the Talent they need within the first day of reviewing submitted Actor profiles. 


To give yourself the best possible chance of being selected to audition, it's critical to submit ASAP. Submitting even one day after the Breakdown publication can severely limit your chances.

Next Steps: