Role Matches allow you to find roles that have a similar criteria within your age range, ethnicity, and gender. Roles that are determined to be within this range will be highlighted in yellow. Once you have followed the below steps to turn on the Role Matches, you can filter your Breakdowns to display Breakdowns Fit For Me

Updating Role Matching Criteria 

1) First, go to the About Me section on Actors Access, by going to MY TOOLS > Manage My Profile > About Me. 

2) Roles are matched to your acting profile by three main criteria: 

  • Age Range (to play) 

  • Ethnic Appearance (select all that apply)

  • Gender (to play) (select all that apply)

Make sure that you have input all three criteria in order for the Role Notifications feature to work. Once you are finished, click the Save button. 

3) Next, you can update your selected regions in the My Account section on Actors Access, by going to MY TOOLS > My Account. 

  • Check the box next to Notify me by email when a project is released that contains one or more roles that match my profile.

  • Select one to two regions under Only notify me of projects released in the regions checked below. 

  • You may also filter your email notifications  by checking any of the boxes under Do not notify me of: 

    • Non-union Projects

    • Reality TV Projects

    • Student Films/Projects

    • Real People Projects

    • Background Roles

    • Non-paying Roles

  • Once you are finished, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. 

You must follow steps 1-3 in order for the Role Notifications feature to work on the app as well.

4) Now, you can go to the BREAKDOWNS tab.  Select Breakdowns Fit For Me from the Filters dropdown menu and click Search. 

5) You should now see projects with roles that match your role criteria, within range. Click on the project title, the roles highlighted in yellow will match your role criteria.

Next Steps: