How To Edit Profile Details

You can update your general details in the "about me", "resume", and "size card" pages. 

You can get to these pages by hovering over “my tools” at the top of the screen, choosing “manage profile” from the dropdown menu and selecting any of the 3 categories which will make up your general acting profile: 

  • "about me"

  • "resume"

  • "size card"

How To Edit Your About Me Information

The About Me page allows you to fill in important information, as well as edit details such as your name.

1) Update important role matching information:

  • Age Range (to play)

  • Gender (to play)

  • Ethnic Appearance (to play)

Each of the above are used to match your profile to potential roles. 

2) General details about you such as height, weight, and Union Status are also available on this page.  

3) Fill out the following:

  • Athletic Endeavors

  • Performance Skills

  • Accents

  • Fluent Languages

  • Additional Skills (Enter anything that applies)

  • Disabilities (Not displayed on your profile, but are searchable for select Casting Directors). 

How To Edit Your Résumé

  • The Résumé page allows for you to manually type in your credits to fit the format of the website. The resume section provides you with 3 columns/sections:

    • Project Name

    • Role

    • Director/Production Information 

  • If you check the “header” box, the 3 columns disappear to create a single line. You can use this line to create a category for your credits, such as Film or Television. The 3 boxes below can be used to signify each project credit in that category.

  • Enter your credits for each category from most recent to least recent.

  • Click “Insert” to add a new line above the current line. 


How To Edit Your Size Card

Size Card will allow you to fill out your wardrobe size information. You also have the option on this page to automatically include your size card when applying to commercial projects. 


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