Casting can request self taped auditions through Eco Cast OPEN CALL. The process is very similar to an Eco Cast Invite, but in this case the casting director is not inviting selected actors to submit their auditions. They are issuing an open audition where any actor can submit the requested audition material, should they feel they match the character described by casting. 

For actors, the Eco Cast Open Call process begins with a website link that will be issued by a casting director. Casting can post the link through a breakdown, on their own website, or even through social media. 

Should you come across an Open Call link, it will take you through a simple process of joining the Eco Cast. There are 3 main steps in the process which we will highlight here:

STEP #1 - Visiting the Open Call Link. 

After following the link provided by casting, you will find a login page depicted below. Here you see project information and a description of the role. If you feel the role is right for you, then enter your Actors Access login information and click "Go". If you do not have an existing Actors Access account, you will need to click on "Register Now for Free".

STEP #2 - Responding to Open Call

Once you login to your Actors Access account, you will again be provided project and role information. If you are certain this role is for you, click on "Respond to Open Call Request". This will add you to the Open Call. 

STEP #3 - Completing your self tape audition!

At this point, review the instructions provided by casting and upload the requested media files. Once you have uploaded all of the requested files, you'll be able to complete the process and submit your audition files to casting for review.