Eco Cast is a system that allows Casting Directors to manage their recorded auditions. Through Eco Cast, Casting can request Actors submit self-tape auditions that the Actors upload directly to the invitation.

How to Respond to an Eco Cast Self-tape Invitation

If you are selected to record a self-tape audition, Casting will send an Eco Cast Self-tape Invitation through the cMail messaging system.

The invitation will include instructions for the audition and you will be able to upload your self-tapes directly to the invite to submit. When you have a new Eco Cast Self-tape invitation, you will see a notification come up on your Actors Access page when you sign in. 

You can either click on the notification to view your invitation or go to your cMail inbox.

1) Click to open your Eco Cast Self-tape invitation. The body of the invite will have information about the project, the role, and instructions on what needs to be recorded. It will also include the deadline for the invitation. Deadlines automatically adjust to your device's timezone.

If the Casting Director chooses to include them, you will see the Sides and audition material at the bottom of your invitation. Depending on the security features used by Casting, you may not be able to access your Sides or audition materials until you confirm your audition. 

2) At the top of the invitation, you will be able to Decline or Confirm your Audition. If you intend on submitting a self-tape, make sure to click on the "Confirm Audition" button. This will also unlock your Sides and audition material if Casting has utilized that security feature, and you can now click on the red icons to access those files.

You will not be able to click on the "Upload Media" button until you have Confirmed.

Please note that security features are available to Casting Directors that may impact your Sides and material. Files may appear automatically watermarked with your name when viewed, and some material may only be viewable within your Actors Access account if the Casting Director has chosen to disable download and print options. You will be able to see what security features have been enabled underneath the name of each file.

When uploading an Eco Cast Self-tape always make sure to do so well before the deadline (i.e. the date/time displayed on the Audition Deadline field of the invite). 

This time/date is automatically displayed in your local time based upon your computer/device’s time zone settings.

Please note, a deadline of 12:00 AM means you must submit your self-tapes before the clock changes to that date, as 12:00 AM refers to the first minute of that date. For example, if the deadline is 12:00 AM February 02 the files need to be uploaded and submitted before 11:59 PM February 01 has passed.

3) Prepare and record your audition. Make sure to follow any directions given in the Audition Instructions by the Casting Director.

Save the files directly on the computer/device you use to log into the Actors Access website.

4) Once you have your audition files ready, return to the Eco Cast invite. At the top and bottom of the page is a button to “Upload Media.” Click this button to begin uploading your audition files.

5) Click the “Browse” button to select the first audition file. After the first file has started uploading you can click the “Browse” button again to select another file. Repeat until all necessary files are uploaded. Make sure to wait until the files have completed both uploading and encoding before moving to the next step.

You will see a small thumbnail of your file when it has completed both uploading and encoding. Click on the thumbnail or click Preview to play the video. You can also Rename or Delete the file at this stage.

Review your uploaded files. After you have uploaded all required files click “Back to Invitation.”

Eco Cast accepts many video, audio, image, and document file formats so that you can upload whatever material Casting has requested for your audition. Each file must be less than 500MB. Photos must be under 20MB. Larger files will take longer to upload and encode.

6) Scroll to the bottom of the invitation and you will see the files you have uploaded, ready to submit. Here you can rename your files, change the order if necessary, and type in submission notes (if the option is available.) 

Once the audition files have been submitted the invitation will lock, and it will not be possible to edit submission notes or add/remove audition files. Make sure you have added all the files and notes you need, and they are titled and playing correctly before clicking on "Submit Audition."


7) You will then be taken to your Review Order page. Here you can double-check that all of your files are correct and titled appropriately before clicking on "Place Order."

Please note, while you will see an option to Sign Up for or Extend your Actors Access Plus membership on this page, you do not need to do so to continue.

Before your submission is finalized, you will see one final reminder that once your files have been submitted, you will not be able to edit or adjust your submission in any way. Click "Submit Audition" to finish the process and send your files to your Talent Representative or the Casting Director to review.

8) After you submit your files, you can scroll down to the bottom of the invitation to see the status of your files.


If the Eco Cast was forwarded to you by your Talent Rep they may choose to review your files before forwarding them on to Casting. If so, you will see this reflected in the grey banner above your audition files. Once your Talent Rep has sent the files to Casting this message will automatically update to reflect that.

Please note, your Talent Rep may request that you submit a retake. For more detailed information on how to respond to Retake Requests, please click here.


9)  You can view current and past in-person auditions in the "auditions" section of your account. Just click on "auditions" in your main toolbar. 

Note: You can filter your auditions by "Type" and/or "Status" or "Search" for your auditions by keyword or "Date Range". In addition to the audition type, project name, role name, and Casting Director, this page also alerts you if an Eco Cast self-tape audition is upcoming and the exact deadline of the invitation.

If a deadline has passed on an invitation before you were able to submit your files, the project information will disappear and you will see a note letting you know the invitation is no longer active.


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