In order to link your Actors Access account to a new Talent Representative, your Talent Representative will need to invite you to join their roster.

How To Accept A Talent Representation Invitation

1) Ask your Talent Representative to send you a New Client invitation. Your Talent Representative will send you an email, inviting you to join their roster.

You can recognize an official Breakdown Services invitation email by the following:

  • The sender’s display name on the email will be your Talent Representative’s name (Ex: “Marie Blue”)

  • The sender’s email address will be

  • The email subject will be “[Talent Company Name] has invited you to join their roster” (Ex: “Blue Talent Management has invited you to join their roster”)

2) Open the email and click on the blue Actors Access button.

The button will take you to a link that will expire after three days. If the link has expired, contact your Talent Representative and ask them to send a new invitation.

3a) If you do not have an Actors Access account, click the green Register link to create one. 

DO NOT click the smaller Register button in the red header above.


Visit ACTORS: How to Register for an Actors Access Account if you need assistance completing registration.

3b) Or, if you have an Actors Access account, scroll down to enter your Username and Password, then click Log In.

Enter your credentials in the larger Login field beneath the Register button.

DO NOT use the smaller login field in the red header above.

4) Once you have registered and/or logged in, you will see a green banner, confirming that you have been successfully connected to your Talent Representation.

5) Your Actors Access profile will now be registered with the client profile your Talent Representative has for you in their account.

When a pre-existing Actors Access profile and client profile are merged:

  • The profile and resume information entered by the Actor will replace any information entered by the Talent Representative.

  • Both the Talent Representative and Actor will have access to all performance media, uploaded from both profiles.

  • Photos uploaded by the Actor and photos uploaded by the Talent Representative will not be merged, however you will have the ability to move and copy photos between your Actors Access profile and your Talent Representative’s profile.

Manage Representation

1) To manage your Representation, go to MY TOOLS > Manage Representation.


2) Click either Choose representation type or Edit.

3) Check the boxes next to each type of work this company represents you for, then click Save.

4) If you need to update these selections in the future, click Edit and repeat the process.

5) If you have multiple Talent Representatives listed, you can change the order in which they are listed on your profile by dragging and dropping with your mouse or trackpad.


You will then see a green banner, confirming that your new Representation Order has saved.

Next Steps: