Here is a helpful video tutorial that will show you how to set up and share your Actors Access Custom Link: 



The Custom Link is a great way to share your Actors Access profile with people outside of the Breakdown Services Casting system. Your Custom Link is a public web page that you can share with anyone you wish. 

1)  To set up your custom link, go to “My Tools” and scroll down to Custom Link



2) The Custom Link page will allow you to personalize the URL that will direct people to your public Actors Access profile.


Most of our account holders choose to make it their name. 

3) Simply replace the numbers to your chosen URL extension and click “Save.”



4) Clicking “view link” to view your Custom Link page.


5) Your Custom Link will display your photos, media, resume, physical characteristics and any Representation currently linked to your account. 

To continue sharing, you will need to to copy the URL displayed in this page’s address bar at the top of the page.



Once that is complete all you have to do is paste the URL anywhere you wish to share it (e.g. Social Media, Website, Email, etc). 

6) If you don’t wish to share your Actors Access profile publicly, you can disable the Custom Link page by checking the “Deactivate my custom link” box and click “Save.

Note: To protect your privacy, the Custom Link page does not include any personal contact information. It is purely a public version of your Acting profile.


Next Steps: