The Custom Link is a great way to share your Actors Access profile with people outside of the Breakdown Services Casting system. Your Custom Link is a public web page that you can share with anyone. 

1)  To set up your custom link, go to MY TOOLS and scroll down to Custom Link



2) The Custom Link page will allow you to personalize the URL (web address) that will direct people to your public Actors Access profile.


3) Simply replace the numbers with any text you choose (most Actors choose their name) and click Save.

Blank spaces may not be utilized. Replace any blank spaces in your desired extension with an underscore (_ ). 



4) Click preview to view your Custom Link page.

Your Custom Link will display your photos, media, resume, physical characteristics and any Representation currently linked to your account. To protect your privacy, the Custom Link page does not include any personal contact information. It is purely a public version of your Acting profile.


5) To share your Custom Link page, click copy link. Then you can paste the copied link anywhere you wish to share it (e.g. Social Media, Website, Email, etc). 


6) If you don’t wish to share your Actors Access profile publicly, you can disable the Custom Link page by checking the Deactivate my custom link box, then clicking Save.

Note: Actors Access Custom Links will begin with ""  Your Talent Representatives may also set up Custom Links for you from their account. These links will begin with ""

  • If you would like a Custom Link set up by your current Talent Representative deactivated, contact your Representative directly. 
  • If you are no longer with a Talent Representative, but they still have an active Custom Link for you, contact for assistance.


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