Here is a helpful video tutorial that will show you how to upload video into your Actors Access profile: 



How to add New Performance Video


1) Go to the Manage Media section of your Actors Access account. 

2) Click "Add New Performance Video" to add video. Or click "Add New Audio Demo" to add an audio file. 




3) Click "Browse" and find your media file. Once you have selected the file, click "Upload".


4) Once your media had finished uploading, you will have the option to "Trim/Clip Video" or "Add Video to Cart".


If you do not need to trim or create clips, select "Add Video to Cart". This will take you into the cart where you can check out, or add additional media items to the cart. 

NOTE: If you have multiple video/audio files to add, be sure to add them all into the cart before checking out. The cart system will charged based on the total running time of all video/audio files added to the cart at the time of checkout. 


How to Create Video Clips

There is a clipping tool that will allow you to trim/clip your video as needed. We would recommend breaking demo reels into clips. Casting Directors have repeatedly stated that they prefer individual clips rather than full-length demo reels.

  • Set a start and end point in your video. 
  • Add a Title for the clip. 
  • Click "Create Clip".


You can create multiple clips from the video. Once you have created all needed clips, click "Add to Cart" and you will be able to proceed to checkout. 

NOTE: If you wish to include the complete original video, check the box located just above the "Add to Cart" button. 


Clips allow you and your Representation to submit only the clip(s) that apply to the role to which you're submitting. This will also save you money, as you won't have to routinely update a demo reel and re-upload it every time you get a new clip. You will be able to upload the clip and pay for just that footage.

Here is a helpful video tutorial that will show you how to use the clipping tool for videos already in your profile.



Performance Video and Audio Pricing


There will be a $22 per minute fee for any video added to the profile, even if you're removing/replacing older video. It is $22 for up to a minute of video, and $22 for each additional minute. There is a 4 second grace period at the top of each minute. 


For audio uploads, there is an $11 per minute fee, and the same grace period applies.


If you have multiple clips that you are planning to add to your account, we recommend adding them to your cart to process in the same transaction. The cart will calculate for the total amount of time of all the items in the cart, and you may end up saving money in the end.


Solutions to Common Video Upload Issues

1) If your file is not already an .mp4, try converting or outputting to .mp4. Formats such as .mov sometimes present compatibility issues. mp4 is a more readily acceptable video container type.

2) Be sure that the file extension (.mp4) is in all lower case letters. If they are upper case, it may prevent the upload.

3) Remove any special characters or additional periods in the actual file name. 

Example: will not work. You would need to remove the period between "my" and "demo reel". 

There can be only one period signaling the file extension: .mp4

4) Clear your browser cache and cookies. Sometimes a file from another website or an older version of our website gets saved into your cache and that can cause problems using the site. It’s a good idea to clear the cache and cookies regularly anyway. Here are instructions on how to clear your Temporary Internet History.

5) An unstable WiFi connection can cause failed uploads. If possible, try connecting through an Ethernet cable rather than wireless, or move your device close to the Wifi router to ensure optimal connection speed.

6) File size can be a factor as well. The larger the file, the longer the upload process. The longer the upload time, the more chances that your connection will suffer a drop. 

If your file is over 500 MB, you may consider outputting the media file to a smaller size. 

Here is a free online video editor that will allow you to convert to an .mp4.

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