You can manage your existing audio and video clips and reels on your Actors Access account at any time once they have been posted.

Managing Existing Media 


1) From your Actors Access home screen, go to my tools on your menu bar, select manage my profile, and then media in the drop-down menus.



2) You can add new Performance Media at any time by selecting Add New Performance Video or Add New Audio Demo on your media page. 

For more information on how to add new Performance Media, visit How To Add New Performance Media to Your Actors Access Account. You can also select Preview Profile to see what your media looks like to others viewing your Actors Access profile.


3) Scroll down to view the list of Active Media on your profile. Underneath each media item are options to edit or manage the file. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save button after making any changes to lock them in.

  • You can reorder your media listings by clicking on the up or down arrow beside the media title. 
  • You can also change the title and add a description for each media item. Keep descriptions and titles relevant to the clip at hand. You want to be as clear as possible so Casting Directors can easily tell what each clip contains. 
  • Using project titles, role names, and genres can be great for media titles. 
  • For descriptions, you can add a short synopsis of the scene, names of other Actors or Production Team members that may be of interest to the Casting Director, or any awards that the project may have won.

4) You can control which Talent Representatives have access to which media items by utilizing the checkmarks. If the checkmark next to a Talent Representative is selected, it means that particular Representative can include this media in any submissions they make on your behalf.

5) At the bottom of the media box, you will see buttons reflecting actions you can take with your media.

  • Preview Video - This will bring up a preview window where you can review your video or audio clips. The selected video will automatically begin playing in the preview window. You can also click "Open in Window" to see a larger version or preview any of your other media by clicking the buttons below their thumbnails.

  1. Create Clips - This button will allow you to edit your media item into smaller clips. You can then either replace the original item with these clips or add them to your profile in addition to the original. See the section below for more detailed instructions on how to create clips.

  2. Download Video - This will download your media item to your device.

  3. Remove Video - This will remove this particular media item from your Active Media list. 
  • It will be placed into an archived section (Inactive Media) that only you can access through your account. 
  • Casting Directors and Talent Representatives are not able to see any media that you have made inactive. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your Media page to view your Inactive media. You can restore media at any time by clicking the Restore Video button.

Creating Clips from Existing Video/Audio

Your Actors Access profile includes a clipping tool that will allow you to trim/clip your video or audio as needed. 

We recommend breaking demo reels into clips. Casting Directors have repeatedly stated that they prefer individual clips rather than full-length demo reels. Clips allow you and your Representation to submit only the clip(s) that apply to the role to which you're submitting. 

This will also save you money, as you won't have to routinely update a demo reel and re-upload it every time you get a new clip. You will be able to upload the clip and pay for just that footage.

1) Click on Create Clips to navigate to the Clip Creator tool.

2) Click the Play button to get started

Please note: the grey-colored buttons are active and clickable.

3) To navigate to the preferred start time of your clip you can use the Go to feature (if you know the time-stamp), you can also use the slider tool under the preview, or you can let the video play through until it reaches the correct moment. Once you have reached the point in the video where you would like your clip to start, click Set Clip Start. Do the same for where you want your clip to end and click Set Clip End. These can be adjusted until you are satisfied with the result. 

4) Enter a "Clip Title", and then click "+ Create Clip" to save your clip.


Please note: You can create multiple clips from the same video. 


5a) If you would like to replace your original reel with your newly created clip(s), select the top checkbox. You will not be charged for the clips, they will be posted to your profile and your original reel will be permanently removed.

Please Note: If the total runtime of the new clip(s) is less than the total runtime of the original reel and you choose to replace the reel with the clip(s), you will not be refunded for the difference.


5b) If you would like to post the clip(s) and keep the full original reel posted to your profile, select the second checkbox. You will be charged $11/minute (or fraction thereof) for the total runtime of all of your new clip(s). Once payment has gone through, they will be posted to your profile in addition to your original reel.

6) Select Add to Cart to finalize your order. Once your order has been placed through your cart, and any necessary payment has been made, your clip(s) will be posted to your profile.

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