Sharing your Presentation view, of your selected Actors and their self taped auditions attached, to a client or collaborator (shown here) allows for quick and easy collaboration. Here are some quick tips to help them navigate the presentation and leave individual Feedback for you.    

Viewing and Leaving Feedback on an Eco Cast Presentation

1) First, the client will click the Eco Cast Presentation link that was sent to them by you.

2) Next, they will click the photo of the Actor whose audition they would like to view. Or click "Play all Videos," to watch all auditions continuously.

3) The client can then click "Show Actor Profile," Or "Feedback," to open the right sidebar to view the Actor's resume, photos, or leave feedback. Audition Playback will not be interrupted.

4) "Feedback" allows them to leave you a note. Depending on the preferences you have set, this may be seen by other collaborators. They'll then click "Save."

5) Collaborators can also click the to indicate their preferences.

Filtering By Feedback

Then, in your Eco Cast, you can see the thumbs and comments right next to each Actor. 

1) Click an Actor on the left to see the feedback in the lower right.  

2) Or, use the new filters on the left to only view Actors with feedback.

Next Steps