Eco Cast Live is an all-in-one remote recording and uploading feature available on our website. Using Eco Cast Live, you can set up a schedule, record your auditions, and upload your session instantly to Eco Cast. All you will need is a computer with a built-in webcam and microphone!

Eco Cast Live is modeled after in-person auditions and allows you to give each Actor a specific audition time. You can remotely run sessions with your full Casting Team and invite individual Collaborators to the sessions.

Getting Started

1) Once you have selected your Actors, you can create a schedule. To do this, log in to your Breakdown Express account and then click on the title of your Breakdown.

2) Once you are in your Breakdown, click on the Schedules tab at the top of the page, and then select Create Eco Cast Live Audition.

Please note: If you have already done your first round of auditions and marked the Actors as Callback in your schedule, you can create an Eco Cast Live Callback, which follows the same process as creating a regular Eco Cast Live Audition. For more information on creating a callback, visit CASTING: How To Create a Callback.

3)  Once you are on the Create Eco Cast Live Audition page, you can:

  1. Choose a date for your audition

  2. Select a start and end time

  3. Indicate how you want to schedule your Actors


4) After the above information is filled out, a drop-down menu will appear in the Include Roles section, where you can select the role(s) you wish to schedule, as well as the Actors (via their assigned numbers) that you would like to invite.


5) Then click the Create Schedule button to create your schedule.

Please note: Instead of using Rooms, you now have Eco Cast Live rooms. This feature allows you to run more than one Eco Cast Live, simultaneously. 

6) When the next page loads, click on Review Schedule

7) For more details about how to edit your schedule, visit CASTING: How to Edit a Schedule. Once you are finished making your adjustments and are ready to send out the audition invitation to the Actors, click Create Notification

8)  On the Create Notification page, you will see a space to fill out any audition information and instructions you may have for the Actors. 

You can also attach sides and audition material at the bottom of the page, either by uploading new files or checking off files you have already uploaded to the selected role(s). For more information on how to attach sides or audition material to roles, visit CASTING: How to Attach Sides and Audition Material to Roles

Once finished, click Send Message

Please note, in order to send sides or other files to an Actor, you will need to make sure that the box next to the file name is checked. If the box is not checked, that file will not be sent to the Actor.

Please note: Your audition address will always be pre-filled and will include a link to the audition. This address cannot be edited.

9) After you have successfully sent out your Notification, you can add any Collaborators that you would like to have join you in your audition session. To do so, input their Collaborator Email and an Optional Title to display by their name. Then click Send Invitation to send them a link that they can use to access the session when it's time.

If you have employees at your Casting Company that also need to join, they can be added as an additional user on your account. These will not go towards your Collaborator limit when running a session. Please contact us to set those up!

Starting an Eco Cast Live Session

1) Once your Actors have confirmed and you are ready to start running your session, click the blue Eco Cast Live Session button on the schedule page.

Please note: In order for an Actor to be able to join the Eco Cast Live, they must first confirm the audition.

2) You will be brought to the Eco Cast Live page. Your browser will prompt you to enable and turn on your camera and microphone and you will want to click Allow.

3) You will now see yourself appear on the top-right corner of the page. We recommend testing out your system before the start of your session by clicking the Test Now button. This will check if your Operating System, Web Browser, and Network Speed are supported. 

4) Use a device with these minimum system requirements:

  • IOS Device (iPhone or iPad):

Safari (2017)

  • Android Device:

Android 4.2.2 (2013)

  • Laptop/Desktop Computer:

Google Chrome 28+, Firefox 22+, Opera 18+, Microsoft Edge 12+

NOTE: Eco Cast Live is no longer compatible with Safari for non-iOS devices.

5) System Recommendations:

  • Check for updates to your device’s system and browser software. Restart your device if an update is needed.

  • Allow Camera and Mic Access.

  • Plug-in your device to a power source or ensure your battery is fully charged.

  • Close all other apps and browser tabs. This will allow your device to fully prioritize its resources to your Eco Cast Live session.

  • Use a Desktop/Laptop computer, if possible.

  • If using a Mobile Device or Tablet - Enable do-not-disturb mode.

  • Use landscape orientation on a phone or tablet.

Running an Eco Cast Live Session

1) Once you are ready, you can click Start Session to begin. You are able to start an Eco Cast Live Session up to 30 minutes before its indicated start time. 

2) On the left side of the page, you will see four statuses for the Actors: 

  • In the Room:  The Actor currently auditioning with you.

  • On DeckThe Actor who is next up.

  • Waiting RoomThese are the Actor(s) remaining in the waiting room.

  • Not Checked InThe Actor(s) that have not yet entered the session.

For your reference, this is what the Actor will see when they're in the Waiting Room:


3a) When an Actor has marked themselves as Readyyou will be able to bring them into the room by clicking the Bring Into Room button. 

3b) Alternatively, if you want to alert an Actor that they are next, click Move On Deck to add them onto the On Deck section. This will notify the Actor that they are On Deck, and you can bring them in when ready.

4) If you are running the session with Collaborators, you will all appear on the screen. The first Casting Team member to start the session will be the Session Runner and the Reader by default. You can re-assign the role of Session Runner or Reader to any other member of the Casting Team or Collaborator.

5) With the Chat feature, you can send a message to a specific Actor, to all Actors in the Waiting Room, or to all the Actors in the Audition Room, to let them know that you will be beginning shortly, running a little behind, etc. You can also choose to turn on the Allow Replies option, if you would like the Actors to be able to respond. 

For your reference, this it what it looks like if you have received a chat from an Actor:

Please note: Collaborators are not able to use the Chat feature.

6a) Once you have brought an Actor into the room and are ready to begin recording, click the white circle button.


6b) The button will turn red, and a red border will frame the Actor’s video feed to indicate that you are actively recording a take. To stop recording, click the red circle button. You are welcome to record as many takes as you would like!

For reference, the Actor will see a reverse view when the audition is live and being recorded, with you as the center video and themselves in a small thumbnail in the top right:

7) For a session with Collaborators, only the Session Runner can initiate the Recording. When they do, the Actor will only be able to see themselves and the designated Reader. Others can be heard if they would like to give input, but only the Actor's and the Reader's voices will be recorded on the take.

For reference, from the Actor's view, there is no one on the screen but the Reader during the recording. The Actor will be looking at the Reader during takes, and they will see all Collaborators in a grid between takes.

8) You can delete takes by clicking the trash icon next to a take. 

9a) If you aren't done with auditioning an Actor and want to bring them in later, you can move them back to the waiting room by clicking the Send Back to Waiting Room button.

You will be asked if you want to confirm and click Yes, Send Back to continue. This will end the current audition and upload the takes to Eco Cast.  However, the Actor will not be released from the session, so you can bring them back in from the Waiting Room later.

9b)  If you're done with an Actor, and don’t want to bring them back into the room later, click Done with Actor.

You will be asked if you want to confirm and click Yes, Dismiss Actor to continue. This will end the Actor's current audition and upload the takes to Eco Cast, and the Actor will be dismissed.

You can then choose to bring another Actor in from On Deck or from the Waiting Room. Repeat the process again until you finish your auditions.

10) After you've finished recording everyone, click End Session to end the session for everyone.

You will get a prompt that will ask you to confirm that you want to end the session. Click Yes, End Session

Once you choose to end the Eco Cast Live session, you will not be able to restart or rejoin it. Choosing End Session will end this session for you and anyone else in it. 

Please note: If you experience any technical difficulties or connectivity issues, your session will not automatically conclude. You will be able to rejoin your Eco Cast Live at any point, up until you decide to end the session.

Please contact us immediately if you need assistance with any technical difficulties during an Eco Cast Live session, or if you accidentally ended the session and need to restore it.

Reviewing Eco Cast Live Session Recordings

1) You can now go directly to Eco Cast by clicking Manage Eco Cast on Breakdown Express, which is available to you right after you end a session. 

Please note: It may take a minute or two for the last few recorded videos to finish processing before they will appear on the Eco Cast.

2) Now you will be able to review and share your videos and auditions in Eco Cast. Visit CASTING: How to View Eco Cast Self-Tape Auditions for more information.

3) If you would like to share the media from the audition session with your Collaborators or anyone else, you can do so by creating an Eco Cast Presentation. For more information about creating and sharing Presentations, visit  CASTING: How to Share Auditions with Clients.

Next Steps