One of Eco Cast's many great features is the clipboard function. Using the clipboard you can move Actors, and their media, from one Eco Cast to another. 

Copying Actors to the Clipboard

1) Login into your account, go to the "Eco Cast" drop down menu at the top of the page, and select "My Eco Casts". Follow this link for instructions on how to create an Eco Cast.

2) All of your current Eco Cast projects will be listed in the "My Eco Cast" page. Click the title to enter the Eco Cast.

3) In the "Attached Actors" tab, you can filter the Actors in the Eco Cast by any number of categories. You can show only Actors with videos (aka "Audition Media"), or you can also filter by entering the Actor's name, Role, and/or Agency.

You can also Filter to "Show" actors based on:

  • Whether you've "Viewed" them or not.
  • By the letter ranking (A, B, or C) you gave them.
  • By the status of their Eco Cast invitation ("Sent", "Opened", "Received", "Declined").


Use these filters to easily find the Actors you want to copy.

4) To begin copying your Actors to the clipboard, choose the Actors you want by clicking the Grey Checkmark next to the Actor's photo. If you've ranked the auditions with "A, B, or C" you can use the Select check boxes to quickly check all the Actors rated with that letter. Once checked, the button will turn red.

5) Next, scroll to the upper right of the page and click "Copy to Clipboard".

6) The pop-up screen will give you the option to either "Replace clipboard data" or "Append clipboard data". Choose one and click "Continue".

  • "Replace clipboard data" will replace the Actors currently in your clipboard.
  • "Append clipboard data" will add them to your existing Actors on your clipboard.

Note: If you want to copy more Actors from another Eco Cast, repeat steps 2-5 and use the "Append clipboard data" option.

7) Review the contents of your clipboard by clicking the "View" button in the "Clipboard" box.


Note: The number in parentheses next to "Clipboard" indicates the number of Actors in your clipboard. 

Pasting Clipboard Contents to an Existing Eco Cast

1) Open the Eco Cast to which you want to copy these Actors.

2) From the "Attached Actors" tab of this Eco Cast, Select "Paste" from the "Clipboard" box in the top center of the page.

3) The Actors from your clipboard will appear at the bottom of the Actor list under their original role. After pasting into an Eco Cast, the clipboard data clears.

Pasting Clipboard Contents to a New Eco Cast

1) Hover over the "Eco Casts" menu at the top of the page, click "Start New".

2) Enter the Title, a description if you like, and the Breakdown (if applicable). To learn more on creating Eco Casts, go to this article.

3) To the right of "Add Actors to Eco Cast", click "Clipboard".

4) Once you're done, click "Continue" at the bottom.

5) The Actors from your clipboard are now in a new Eco Cast. Once you paste into an Eco Cast, the clipboard data clears.

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