Eco Cast Desktop can record and upload in-person auditions instantly.


1) Review the system requirements for downloading and using Eco Cast Desktop.

2) Have a MAC computer (not a Windows computer) that meets our system requirements.
3) Have a compatible camera that meets our system requirements.
4) Create an
 Eco Cast prior to your live session. Without an Eco Cast prepared, you cannot upload media during your live session.

5) Download the Eco Cast Desktop Software.

Starting an Audition Session with Eco Cast Desktop  

1) Click on the Eco Cast Desktop icon and log in with your Breakdown Express Username and Password.

2) Select the Eco Cast into which you want to upload the audition media from your session. You must have created an Eco Cast on the website prior to launching the software for it to appear on this list. For instructions on creating a new Eco Cast online click here.

Note: You will be able to close the Eco Cast Desktop program, create the Eco Cast, and then relaunch the program.

3) Choose where on your computer to save the Audition Session and enter an easily recognizable name (for example Title-Role-Date). This file will save the audition media to your local drive before uploading it to the website.

Note: All your recorded media will be saved in this file. Anything uploaded to the account will remain on the website. To save hard drive space, you will want to move this file – either to an external hard drive for safekeeping, or you can choose to permanently delete it (after confirming it has been saved on the website). 

4) The left hand column now shows the Actors you have scheduled for this audition session while the right side will show you what your camera is pointing at. You must have a compatible camera connected to your computer. Please see Eco Cast Desktop Requirements for more info on camera specs.

Recording An Audition

To record an audition, you must be in the "Record" tab. 

Note: Make sure that your camera and audio source are enabled so you can see an image and hear the audio. To do so, go to "Eco Cast" at the top left, then "Preferences". Click the "Input" tab, and select the Video Source" and "Audio Source" from there.

1a) To begin recording, click the blue plus button next to the Actor's name to load them in the queue. If you want to audition multiple actors for a Group Audition, click another blue plus button to queue up another Actor. 

1b) If the Actor you are auditioning is not on the list, click “Add Actor."  When you type in the name of an Actor, click “Search."


Choose the correct Actor from the provided list, choose the appropriate Talent Representative, and enter the "Role" they are reading for. Then click “Add."

If you are unable to find the Actor you are looking for in our database, you can create a custom Actor. To do so, click "Create new actor", fill out the appropriate information, such as their "First Name", their "Last Name", and the "Role" that you want them to audition for. Then click "Add"

You will see the custom Actor appear on your roster. 

Note: This does not create a profile for them in the database, but instead is unique to your Eco Cast. You will be responsible for finding the Actor's contact information and headshot/profile information.

2) If you would like to take a current picture of the Actor to use in place of their standard headshot, click the Camera icon to take a snapshot of what the camera sees. Crop the image as needed and click "OK". The picture you took will replace the default picture for this Actor in this Eco Cast.

3) If you need the Actor to slate, click the small Slate icon to start recording them. Then, click the Stop button or the spacebar on your keyboard to stop recording. The Slateshot will now appear in the "Audition Previews" section.

4) To begin recording a take for the audition, click the red circle button to record and the black square button to stop recording. You can also use your spacebar to start and stop recording. Each take will appear in the "Auditions Preview" section, numbered sequentially.

5) Choose the clips you want uploaded by clicking on the “Approved/Not Approved” buttons below each clip to toggle your choices. 

You can rename the takes by clicking where it says "Take 1", "Take 2", etc. and writing the new name, then pressing Enter. Afterward, click “Upload” and the Actor’s audition will be uploaded to your Eco Cast on the website.

You can use the markers to choose in and out points, then click “Trim” to keep only the section you highlighted, or “Cut” to remove the section you highlighted. If you make a mistake, click  “Revert” to return to the unaltered version of the clip.  Then click “OK."

6) Check on the status of your uploads by clicking the “Queue” icon in the upper right. You do not need to wait for uploads to finish before moving on to the next Actor.

Note: Upload progress is contingent on your Internet Upload Speed. If you are experiencing uploading difficulties due to lack of a good connection, you can go to your "Preferences" and either adjust your upload size to a smaller size (720p is recommended) or change your upload preferences to "delay video uploads until later". To do so, go to "Eco Cast" at the top left, then "Preferences". Click the "Upload" tab, and adjust from there.

Group Videos

1)  If you include Multiple Actors in an audition session, this will upload the video as a Group Video. The video will appear under both Actors' media in your Eco Cast. 

2) Click "Group Photo" to take a photo for the audition. Only the most recent one will appear on the Eco Cast Presentation.

Reviewing Prior Auditions and Editing

1) Click the "Review" tab at the top to see the history of all the auditions you have recorded in this session.

2) To edit a clip, hover over a video and click the scissor icon. This option is available on both the Record window and the Review window. Keep in mind that once a video is uploaded, you will not be able to edit it anymore.

3) Here you can use the markers to choose in and out points, then click “Trim” to keep only the section you highlighted, or “Cut” to remove the section you highlighted. If you make a mistake, click  “Revert” to return to the unaltered version of the clip.  Then click “OK."

4) You can also merge clips into one file by clicking the "Merge" button. 

Note: Keep in mind this feature is only available on the Review tab.

5) Drag and drop the scenes into your desired order and click “Join."

6) If you are delaying uploads, click the arrow button on the left to upload the approved scenes for this audition only, or the “Upload All” button on the right to send all scenes to the website from all auditions.

Once your audition(s) has been uploaded, you will be able to view your recorded auditions saved in an Eco Cast of the same name in your Breakdown Express account. To save space on your device, you may choose to delete the audition file(s) from your hard drive once the files have been uploaded onto the website.

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