Screenplay Online is a resource for Casting Directors using Breakdown Express to securely provide scripts and screenplays for projects they are currently casting as a tool for Actors and Talent Representatives in the casting process.

Posting a Script on Screenplay Online

1) If you haven't already, you can Post your Breakdown on Breakdown Express before submitting your screenplay for distribution.

2) Once you have created a Breakdown for your project, you can email the script to and our sides and scripts team will assign a code for the script that Actors or Talent Representatives will use to access and download the script on

Once Talent Representatives have entered their username and password or Actors have entered their email, a small window will pop up where they can enter the script code.

On the next screen they will be able to download your script.

3) If you would like the script accessible to everyone who views your project, you can have the code added to your Breakdown. CLICK HERE to contact your local Breakdown Services office.

If you have sent your script to the Breakdown writers and would like to add it to Screenplay Online, let them know and they will forward it along to be posted to Screenplay Online.

If you would like to see how Actors and Talent Representatives access your script on Screenplay Online, follow these links:

4) If you have any questions about Screenplay Online you can reach us at (310) 276-9166 or email us at

Next Steps: