Sides are part of a script provided to Actors for use in an audition. 

Sides can be either uploaded directly to the roles on your "Submissionspage, using the "Secure Sides" function in your Breakdown Express account, or sent to the Sides department to be posted to the Sides websites (Showfax for Actors on Actors Access and/or Sides Express for Talent Representatives with Breakdown Express accounts).

If you would like to upload Sides directly, using Secure Sides, click here for more information CASTING: How to Attach Sides and Audition Material to Roles

If you would prefer to have your Sides posted to the Sides websites, continue reading:

How to Make Sides Available to Actors on Showfax and Talent Representatives on Sides Express

1) Email your Sides to

2) Please include the following information within the body of your email:




We are able to post in multiple locations at once, select all that apply

  • Los Angeles

  • New York

  • Vancouver

  • Toronto

  • Chicago

  • Texas

  • Southeast

  • Northwest


  • PROJECT TYPE (choose only one):

  • Episodics

  • Pilots

  • Features

  • Movie of the week/Miniseries/Cable Feature/Special

  • Commercials/Infomercials/Voiceovers/Trailers

  • Music Videos

  • Short Films/Industrials/Educationals

  • Interactive/Video Games/Motion Capture

  • Plays/Live Events/Readings

  • New Media/Internet Productions


 This is helpful to ensure that we have received everything we need to post.

When sending in Sides, please give us as much information about the project as you can in the body of your email. The more information we have, the faster we can post Sides for your project.

3) If your project requires additional security, click here for more information on CASTING: Security Features Available On Sides Express And Showfax, including security codes, watermarking, and restricted access.

All files (except audio) are converted into PDF format and flattened so that text within the document cannot be edited or copied. 

All downloads from Sides Express and Showfax can be traced to the user or email address used.

4) Your Sides will then be added to our Sides websites: 

Showfax is where Actors on Actors Access can find the Sides:

This site can also be accessed on Actors Access by going to the “Services” tab and clicking the “Get Sides” link. 

Sides Express is where Talent Representatives with Breakdown Express accounts can find the Sides.

This site can also be accessed on Breakdown Express by going to the “Services” tab and clicking the “Sides” link. 

5) When your Sides are posted, you will receive a confirmation email from the Sides department. If you have requested a security code, the code will be included in your confirmation email.


If you have any questions about making Sides available on Showfax and Sides Express you can reach us at (310) 276-9166 or email us at

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