To begin casting a project with Breakdown Express, you must first post a breakdown with the project's details. 

Sign In or Start a Guest Account

1) To begin, go to and click "Post a Breakdown". 

2)  If you are a new user and have never posted a breakdown before, begin by signing in as a guest. Go to the "Continue as Guest?" box and fill in your name, phone number, and email address. Once you've entered your information, click "Continue". For returning users, enter your Breakdown Express account login info and press the "Sign In" button.

General Project Details

1) On the first step, you'll need to put in the general details about your project. The first section titled "New Breakdown" will have 6 fields that you will need to fill out. 

        - Breakdown Title or Name: (Required) What the project is called. 

        - Type of Breakdown: (Required) Whether the project is a feature, television show, short film etc.

        - Union Status: (Required) Whether or not the project is a union project and which union it is a part of.

        - Casting Director Display Name: (Required) How your name will appear on the project.

        - Contact Phone: (Required) Used only for Breakdown contact purposes and will not be published.

        - Contact Email: (Required) Used only for Breakdown contact purposes and will not be published.

2) For the second section's fields, you will need to provide specific details about your project. 

Please Note: Additional fields may be available/required according to project type. 

        - Interview/Audition Date(s): (Optional) 

        - Callback Date(s): (Optional)

        - Start/Shoot Date(s): (Required) Include the filming or performance dates of your project.

        - Project Location: (Required) Include where the filming or performance of your project will take place. 

        - Personnel and Production Info: (Required - Casting Director's Name) The casting director will automatically be there, along with your name. Click "Add Another Name" to include other people working on the project. You can have up to 8 other people included in the breakdown. 

        - Rate of Pay / Contract: (Required) Any project that pays less than $125 a day can only be released to Actors Access.

        - Additional Personnel and Production Info: (Optional) Include any other information about the production or personnel.

        - Special Note: (Optional) Any other information not related to the previous topics goes here. This will appear on the breakdown.

3) The third section will be the specifications of how the project is released and what information you want included when actors or talent representatives submit.


        - Post Submissions To: (Required) You can choose to post to Actors Access and/or Breakdown Express.

        - Electronic Submission Options: (Optional) Choose whether to accept actor notes, demo reels and/or size cards.

        - Submission Deadline: (Required) The date by which you want submissions. (There is no technical restriction preventing submissions after this date.)

        - Submission Instruction: (Optional) Use this section to include any other information for actors on what and how to submit.

4) Include at least one region for the breakdown. This will determine which Geographic area to which your breakdown will be released. 

5) Within this section, include any additional notes for our breakdown writers. This information will not be posted on the breakdown. Below that, choose to which office this project will be sent for review.

6) You must disclose whether the project contains nudity. If so, you will be required to publish a phone number to accept calls regarding the nudity requirements. Once the required information has been filled in, click on "Continue to Roles" to move to the next page. 

Project Roles and Notes

1) On the next step, you'll be able to add the roles you'd like to cast by clicking the "Add a New Role" button. 

        - Add a New Note: Use this to create different categories of roles or to break up the list of roles.

        - Storyline: You can include a brief synopsis of the project you're casting for.

2) When you select "Add a New Role", you'll jump to a new page. Fill out the necessary information for the role you're casting and then click "Save Role" at the bottom of the page. If you want to add another role, click "Save Role and Add Another".

        - Role Name/ Title: (Required) Enter the name of your role.

        - Gender: (Required) Choose whether the role is male or female. This choice is not visible to actors unless you include it in your description.

        - Age: (Required) Choose based off a range from youngest possible to oldest possible. This choice is not visible to actors unless you include it in your description.

        - Ethnic Appearance: (Required) Choose from any or all of the options or choose not to specify. This choice is not visible to actors unless you include it in your description.

        - Description: (Required) Include any additional information about the role here. You can choose to auto-fill this section from the previous fields. Only what you enter here will be visible to actors or talent representatives. 

        - Is this a Paying Role: (Required) Choose "Yes" or "No". 

        - Attach Picture: (Optional) If needed for visual reference for actors or the actors' agents or managers.

3) Once you've added all of the roles you want to cast, select "Finished with Roles and Notes". 


        - Edit Role: To edit a role you just created, select the "Edit Role" button that looks like this  inside the role's box. 

        - Delete Role: To delete a role you just created, select the X button which is located to the right of the "Edit Role" button in the role's box. 

        - Drag and drop your roles and notes to change their order. 

        - Delete All Roles: Use this button to remove all the roles from the breakdown to begin again. 

Reviewing and Submitting Your Project

1) On the last step, you'll be given the chance to review your project before submitting it for publishing. If you would like to change anything about your project before publishing, select the "Edit Project" button located in the bottom left-hand corner. After you have reviewed your project and have agreed to our Terms of Use by selecting the "I Agree" button, click the button labeled "Submit Project to ___ Office". If that button does not appear, be sure to check that all of the required fields have been fully filled out.

2) After you have submitted your project, the writers will review your breakdown and contact you if they have any questions about the information you provided. Once it has been approved, login information to access your Breakdown Express account will be emailed to you.

Next Steps: