Casting Directors will contact you through the Actors Access website using our internal messaging system called CMail. If you self-submit for a role and Casting is interested in having you audition, then you will be sent a direct CMail message with your audition invitation. If your Talent Representative submits you to a role, then Casting will send the audition invitation through CMail to your Talent Representative, which will be forwarded to your Actors Access. 

Casting Will Contact you Through CMail

1) You can get to your CMail by clicking on the envelope in the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you have an unread CMail message, the number of unread messages will appear in bold. 

2) When you click on your unread messages, you will be taken to this page where you will see your CMail messages. To view a CMail message, please click on the subject line in red. 

Please Note: You can create Folders to organize your CMail messages on the left-hand side by clicking on the "Create New Folder" button. 

3) Audition schedules and Eco Cast self-tape invites can also be accessed by checking the "AUDITIONS" tab within your Actors Access account. 

Please Note: Once the deadline on an audition invitation passes, the invitation moves from the current folder to the archived folder.

4) You will be notified of CMail messages through your e-mail address. You can adjust this at any time. Visit the "My Account" section Underneath "My Tools" and make sure the check-box next to “Notify me by e-mail of new CMail messages in my account” is checked if you want to receive e-mail alerts for new CMail messages.

Please Note: If you make any adjustments, then the "Save Changes" button will appear in red. Please make sure to click this button to finalize any changes. 

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