When transmitting your profile to casting directors, there will be up to 4 steps in the submission window where you will choose the following:

  1. Photo: You will select a photo that will be displayed to the casting director when they view their actor submissions. They will have the ability to view additional photos that you have saved in your Actors Access photo folder. 
  2. Performance Media: You will select video/audio items from your Manage Media list. The casting director for that particular submission will only be able to view the media items you select in the submission window. If you do not select a particular video/audio item, casting will not have access to view that media. 
  3. Size Card: This is an optional item. You can choose to include your size card with any submission. 
  4. Additional Notes: If casting allows notes, there will be a step #4 in the submission window. You will have the option to enter a brief note in this field. This step will not be available if casting has selected not to allow notes. 

Your general actor profile and resume will be automatically included with every application! 

For your security, your physical address and email address are not provided to casting. Additionally, only approved casting directors are able to view your phone number. Casting will contact you using the Cmail.

Here is a video that will show you what a casting director sees when they view submitted actor profiles: