Once you (or your Talent Representative) have submitted you for a role, it appears to the Casting Director on their Submissions page for that role. Knowing how Casting will view your submission can give you a good idea of how you can adjust your profile or submission options to give you the best chance at being seen.

1) When reviewing submissions, Casting Directors will see the names and headshots of the Actors who have submitted for each role. The headshot displayed will be the photo you or your Talent Representative selected to send as part of your submission.

2) When they find an Actor of interest, they can dive deeper into their profile by clicking on the blue icons underneath the Actor's headshot. The icons correspond to (from right to left): Resumé, Photos, Submitted Media, and Slateshot.

Note: Casting Directors have a variety of options for sorting their submissions, including Submission Time (oldest first), Alphabetical (by last name), Profile Completeness, and Random, and they determine how they want to view their submissions from their Preferences page.

  •  "Resumé"This icon will send the Casting Director directly to your resumé. They will be able to see your contact information (or Agency contact information) at the top and your credits as you have formatted them in your Actors Access profile.

  • "Photos"This icon will send the Casting Director to your photos. Which photos display depends on whether you self-submitted or were submitted by a Talent Representative. If you self-submitted, all of the photos uploaded to your Actors Access profile will be visible, if you were submitted by a Talent Representative, the photos displayed are the ones uploaded to their profile for you.

  • "Submitted Media": This icon will send the Casting Director to a page where they can review any media you or your Talent Representative have chosen to send along with your submission. They can click on the "Play" button to review the media. Both audio and video will display here.

Please note, only the media you or your Talent Representative have selected to send with this particular submission will be visible to the Casting Director. They will not be able to view any media posted to your profile that was not specifically selected to be sent with your submission - whether active or inactive.

  • "Slateshot"This icon will play your 7-second Slateshot overtop of your headshot thumbnail for the Casting Director. This option will only be enabled if you have submitted a headshot that has a Slateshot attached to it.

3) Once they use an icon to open your profile, Casting Directors can also navigate to other parts of your profile using the tabs. If they select "Profile" they will be shown your contact information, basic physical details, union status, and your special skills.

If they select the "Size Card" tab, they will be able to review your size card.

Note: Casting Directors will only be given the option to review your Size Card if you or your submitting Talent Representative have selected to send it along with your submission.

Casting Directors can also review your submission notes by clicking on the "Notes" tab, as well as any previous auditions you have submitted to them by clicking on the "History" tab.

4) Once they have reviewed any details they are interested in, Casting Directors can select Actors they would like to see further. They can then send out invitations for In-Person and Eco Cast Live Auditions or Eco Cast Self-tape requests.

Your general Actor profile and resume will be automatically included with every submission! 



Note: For your security, your physical address and email address are not provided to casting. Additionally, only approved Casting Directors are able to view your phone number. Casting will contact you using the CMail messaging system on Actors Access.



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