Showfax by Actors Access is the premiere sides distribution site for Actors.

Go to to access sides.  

Then click on the appropriate option:

  1. Quick Search - Selecting this option will allow you to search for your role by Project Title, Casting Director, or Role Name. 
  2. Sides Code - Select this option if you have been provided a security code by a Casting Director or your Talent Representative. 
  3. Region Search - Selecting this option will allow you to find sides by choosing the appropriate region and project category. 




Once you find the sides for your project, click on the role you wish to access:

After selecting your role, you will be given the option to login with your Actors Access Plus membership, or to proceed as a non-member:

Free Users
Free Actors Access users can download sides, as you need them, for only $1.00 per page (USD). Maps and additional information are available at no additional charge.

Actors Access Paid Members
As a paid subscriber to Actors Access, there is never a fee for downloading sides or supplemental information. Your subscription also includes the ability to transmit your Actors Access profile directly to casting for no additional charge, and access to the Actors Access Mobile App (iPhone).

Once you have logged in with an active Actors Access Plus membership, or you have entered your payment information as an ala carte user, you will be given the ability to download your sides.  Just click the download button and your sides will be downloaded to your device.