Showfax by Actors Access is the premiere sides distribution site for actors.

CLICK HERE to visit Showfax and access sides! 

Browse by project type or location, or search for specific sides for an upcoming audition! Click on the region applicable to your audition to get started!

Free Users
Free Actors Access users can download sides, as you need them, for only $1.00 per page (USD). Maps and additional information are available at no additional charge.

Actors Access Paid Members
As a paid subscriber to Actors Access, there is never a fee for downloading sides or supplemental information. Your subscription also includes the ability to transmit your Actors Access profile directly to casting for no additional charge, and access to the Actors Access Mobile App (iPhone). 


If you were provided a security code to access your sides, proceed to the Sides Code Find section and enter your security code (it should look something like this: U9841). 

Once the code is verified, you will be provided a list of roles from which to choose. Then click on the role for which you are auditioning.

From there, just follow the on screen prompts to download your sides!