Casting Directors schedule auditions through their Breakdown Express accounts. Their scheduling tools allow them to not only set up the schedules, but also notify Actors of their scheduled in-person audition date/time through cMail. 

Respond to an Audition Request through CMail

1) Click on the notification.  



As an Actor, you will get a notification of your audition schedule. Casting will include all relevant information such as date/time, location, and any special instructions.

2) Enter your response. The schedule invite will give 3 response options:

  • “Confirm Appointment”

  • “Unavailable for Audition”

  • “Reschedule”

Casting may include a space for a note to include with your response. 

When selecting “Unavailable for Audition” or “Reschedule," you must include a note.  Your submission note will appear with your entry directly on the Casting director’s schedule.

Unavailable For Audition 

Use this option to decline an audition if you absolutely cannot attend.

If you do not decline and then do not show up for your scheduled appointment it prohibits the CD from scheduling an available Actor in that slot. 



Please be aware your submission note will not be saved on the invite or in your cMail messages.  It will, however, appear with your entry directly on the Casting Director’s schedule.


Granting a request for a reschedule is at the discretion of the Casting Director.  

Be sure to include your available times when requesting a new audition time.  

Be aware that Casting is not always able to fulfill requests for a new time. If  you ask for a reschedule they may simply fill the slot with another Actor.

Changing Your Response

If your availability changes after you have confirmed your appointment, you can change your response to “Unavailable for Audition.” 



You can view current and past auditions in the Schedules section of your account. It is located in the Auditions tab on your main toolbar. 



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