One of the many features within the Eco Cast system is the "Groups" feature. You can assign, reassign, or add actors to multiple groups for efficient categorization.  If you recorded and uploaded a Group Audition from the Eco Cast Desktop Software, the actors' media will appear in their profile, categorized by their respective audition "groups" automatically.

How to Create or Edit an Actor's Group

1) Login into your account, go to the "Eco Cast" drop down menu at the top of the page, then select "My Eco Casts." 

2) All of your current Eco Cast projects will be listed in the "My Eco Cast" page. Click the title to view the Eco Cast.

3) To begin editing an actor's group, you will need to be in the "Attached Actors" tab. Click on the actor you want to modify, then, click "Edit Actor".

4) Click "Change Group" to start making your changes.

5a) You can either add an actor to an existing group, or create a new group. To create a new group, click "Add to New Group".

You will have the option to enter a name, then use the Green Check Mark to save your changes. Click the Red 'X' Mark to cancel the new group. When you are finished, click "Done" to confirm your changes.

5b) To add an actor to an existing group, click "Add to Existing Group". A "Select a group" drop-down menu will appear, and you can choose the group to which you want to assign the actor.

Click "Done" to save your changes.

Note: You can add an actor to multiple groups, however if you have used the Eco Cast Desktop Software and recorded multiple actors at a time, the media recorded is automatically linked to that "Group." So you should not remove an actor from their recorded group or their audition media will become hidden.

Viewing a Presentation with Groups

In your Presentation, groups will display in the order in which you arranged them. To learn more about Reordering your Groups, view this article. To learn more about creating a Presentation, read this article.

1) To view your Group Auditions in order, you can order "By Group" in the "Attached Actors" tab. The groups will appear in the way that you've reordered them. To view your default presentation, click "Preview Presentation."

2) When viewing your Presentation, filter "By Group" to see your reordered groups.

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