Once your Breakdown has been posted, you will be able to view the Actors who have submitted to your project's roles. You will need to review and "select" them in order to move to the next step and schedule auditions or request self tapes. 

Viewing your Submissions

1) After you have signed in, you will be brought to your "Current Projects" page. To select a project that you would like to view submissions for, click on the title of the project. 

        - Preferences: This allows you to view and change your account preferences, such as notifications, displays and your account password.

      - Options: Selecting this gear wheel button gives you the options to "View Schedules", "Create Audition/Callback", and "Archive Project"

2) Once within your Breakdown, you will see your project's roles and the number of submissions each role has. The status of the submissions are organized by the "Unviewed", "Viewed", "Selected", "Not Scheduled", "Scheduled", and "Callback" columns. To view your new submissions for a certain role, click on the number under "Unviewed."

        - Unviewed: Submissions that haven't been viewed yet. 

        - Viewed: Submissions that have been viewed but not selected. 

        - Selected: Submissions that you like for the role and have selected with the 1-6 numbers.

        - Not Scheduled: Submissions that you have selected but haven't been scheduled for an audition.

        - Scheduled: Submissions that you have selected and are currently scheduled for an audition. 

        - Callback: Submissions that you have invited for a callback. 

      - Options: Selecting this gear wheel button gives you the options to "Create Sides", "Print/Forward Selected", "Create Audition/Callback", and "View/Archive Breakdown"

3) On your role's submissions page, you can view the names and headshots of the Actors who have submitted for that role. To view more information about an Actor, select the blue icons directly below the Actor's main headshot.

        - Resume: Lists an Actor's skills and experience. 
        - Photos: Additional headshots of an Actor. 

        - Media: Clips from an Actor's previous performances.

        - SlateShots: A 7 second clip of an Actor introducing themselves. 

        - Numbers 1 - 6:  Use these numbers to select Actors you are interested in and are considering for a role. There is no set meaning for these numbers so you may use them however you prefer. 

- Private Notes:Click this icon to add a private note about an Actor. The Actor will not be able to view these notes. If the pencil is black, you have no notes.

                             If the pencil is white inside a red square, you have saved notes on the Actor.

4a) You can also use the Filters on the left hand side of the page to filter your submissions. Click on the arrow icon next to "Filter" to expand this section. You can choose to filter by the Actor's name, Agencies, or Union status. You can also filter submissions to include media, submissions that you have a prior history with, as well as Actors that you have checked. Once you have the desired filters, you may click on the "Filter" button to apply the filters. You can also click on "Clear" to reset all filters. 

4b) If you would like, you can choose to filter Actor submissions by the State/Province that the Actor is located in as well as the Zip/Postal code of the Actor. When you select "Zip/Postal" you will be presented with a drop down menu allowing you to filter out Actors that live within a certain mileage. If you select "State/Province," you will be presented with a drop down menu allowing you to select which State you would like to filter Actors in.

4c) Lastly, you can choose to sort your submissions:

-"Submission times": This will populate which Actors submitted first will be displayed earlier on the page.

-"Alphabetically": This will display Actors in the order by their first name. All Actors with names that begin with an 'A' will be seen first.

-"Random": This is the default status in which submissions are arranged in a random order.

5) To select Actors that you are considering for a role, give them a number "1-6". These numbers can be used as a ranking system, grouping system, or any other way you would like to use them. There is no set meaning to the numbers. 

Once given a number, the selected Actors will be moved from the "Unviewed" column to the "Selected" column. Giving an Actor a number and then unselecting that number will move that Actor to the column labeled "Viewed".

6) After going through and making your selections on Page 1, select the "Mark These Actors Viewed" button on the bottom left-hand corner of the page. This will move everyone that wasn't given a number to the "Viewed" column and if you have more submissions for that role, a new page of submissions will appear.

7) Once you've gone through all of the submissions for that role, your "Unviewed" column should be "0". When you receive new submissions, your "Unviewed" column will represent the number of new submissions that you have for the role. 

Next Steps: