You can now add Clients to your Roster directly via an email invitation! In this brief tutorial we will cover the process of adding a Client.

This workflow is for adding your current Clients to your Breakdown Express Roster. If you are interested in finding new Clients to represent, visit TALENT REPRESENTATIVES: How to Use Talent Link.

How to Add a Client

1)  From your Breakdown Express account go to Clients Add New Client.

2) Enter the Client Name and Client Email 

3) Click Send

The Actor will then open the invitation email and click the link to Actors Access. After logging in or registering, they will be added to your roster immediately. For Actors needing instructions, direct them to ACTORS: How to Link to a New Talent Representative.

Note: the invitations will expire after 3 days.

How to View Your Invitation History

1)  From your Breakdown Express account go to Clients Invitation History.

2) From here you can view which invitations are Accepted and which are Pending.

3) If needed, you can Resend or Revoke an invitation.

Next Steps: