Talent Link is designed to give Actors seeking representation the opportunity to reach a wide audience of Talent Representatives. Talent Link as a service provides Agents and Managers an opportunity to discover new clients. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to navigate Talent Link and contact the talent you are interested in speaking with regarding potential representation.

Viewing Actors on Talent Link

1) Log into your Breakdown Express account and go to the Talent Link” tab, found in your navigation bar.

2) Optionally, use the Filters on the left to find the type of Actor you need. You can sort by Newest or Oldest by using the drop-down menu on the right.

3) Click the Resume, “Photos,” “Slate,” or Media icons below the Actor's picture to view more of their profile. If the Talent has not made the material available, the button will appear semi-transparent.

NOTE: The number of “days remaining” indicates how long the talent’s Talent Link profile will be available to you. The talent’s subscription to Talent Link lasts 14 days, after which it will expire, removing their profile from your Talent Link feed.

Contacting Actors on Talent Link

1) Click the CMail Actor” button found below an Actor’s profile. 

2) This will open a pre-filled CMail form. You can change or personalize the message. 

3) Once the CMail is ready, click Send Message.” Your CMail message will be received by the Actor in their CMail inbox on Actors Access.

Disabling Talent Link Notifications

1) From the dropdown menu in your navigation bar, click the “General Preferences" button.

2) The option to enable or disable "Talent Link Alerts" is found midway through the General Preferences page. Uncheck the box to disable alerts.

3) Click the “Save Changes" button found at the bottom of the page before navigating away. 

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