You can edit your clients' profiles, including basic profile information, resume, and size card.

Edit General Details

1)  Go to the Clients drop down menu and click Manage Clients,  There you will find your list of active clients. Click on the client's name to go into their profile.

2) The first tab labeled Edit Profile, will include the basic information about your client. This will include any and all information that will appear under your client's profile when submitting them to casting, such as ethnic appearance, gender, union status, special skills, and disability info. 

Note: If your client were to update their profile information on Actors Access, all of the updated information will be reflected here (with the exception of their age range).

3) The first set of information will include birthdate and age range your client can play for given roles. Please keep in mind that casting will be able to see all of this information except birthdates; unless your client is under 18-years-old. If your client is under 18-years-old, casting will only be able to see their age, not their actual birthdate. If you'd like to change the birthdate, you will need to contact support in order to do so. 

Note: View Talent Reps: How To Use the Contact Feature for more information about the Add Contacts section.

Note: Age range is unique to every account. So if an Actor has entered it on Actors Access, you won't see what they entered and will need to add it yourself. 

4) Following that are gender, ethnic appearance, hair, and eye details. Use the drop downs to select the appropriate choices for your client.

6) Next, you'll see the union status with the list of possible unions the client can be associated with. You may optionally include the union identification number for some unions.

7) Below that, you have the ability to select the dates that your client is Booked Out, as well as view the history of those dates.

8) Next will be skills such as athletic ability, performance skills, accents, spoken languages, disability information, and the option to add additional skills that were not mentioned on the list. Click on the check boxes that align with the client and add new ones at any time.

9)  Once you've made the appropriate changes, click Save, at the bottom or top of the page to maintain changes. 

Edit Résumé

1) Click the Edit Résumé tab to access your client's resume. The resume is laid out as three separate columns. Within the columns you can arrange and enter in information on a client's resume as you see fit to organize. 

Note: Commonly, the information is organized by Role ---> Production ---> Director. Or Role ---> Production ---> Production Company/Studio. 

2) To create a new header, simply click the check box next to Header, and the entire row will turn into one. Use this to group your credits by type, like "Film," "Television," and "Theatre."

3) You can also add a professional biography that will appear at the bottom of the resume (footer). 

4) Click Save, at the top or bottom of the page to save changes.

Edit Size Card

1) Click the Size Card tab to edit your client's size card. This includes information on the client's physical measurements, body modifications, or nudity preferences. (Measurements fields are currently tied to gender and age. For example, blouse and dress size do not appear for men, and child sizes are different from adult sizes.) You can also add notes to wardrobe if you'd like. 

Note: Size cards are only available to casting if you include them when submitting.

2) Click Save at the bottom or top of the page to save changes. 

3) The Email Size Card button can be used to email all your client's size card information to a Casting Director or wardrobe department for productions.

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