On Breakdown Express, each individual user at your company can maintain a unique subset of the entire client roster, speeding up the process of submitting and managing the profiles of the Actors that each person covers. In this article, you will learn how to add and remove clients from your "My Clients" list, how to use that list when submitting and viewing the client roster, as well as how to set that as a default preference.

Managing "My Clients"

1) To create a "My Clients" list, start at the full roster. To get there, go to "Clients," and then "Manage Clients" at the top of the page.

2) Make sure that you have de-selected the "Show My Clients Only" option by deselecting the box. This way you will see the entire company roster. If you do not see this option, please contact us to get the Covering Agent feature turned on.

3) Select the Actor(s) you would like to add to "My Clients" by clicking the check-boxes next to their name(s). You can see how many clients are selected by viewing the number in parentheses next to the "Deselect Clients" option. You may click on the "Deselect Clients" button to reset your selections. 

4) Click the "With Selected" drop-down menu and select "Add to My Clients" to add the Actor(s) to your personal client roster. 

5) If you would like to remove Actor(s) from your "My Clients" list, click the check-box next to their name(s). Again click the "With Selected" drop-down menu, but this time select "Remove from My Clients." 

Filtering Using "My Clients" When Viewing Client Roster

Once you have Actors added to your "My Clients" list, you can use this list to filter when viewing the client roster. 

1) Go to "Clients" and then select "Manage Clients."

2) Click the check-box next to "Show My Clients Only," and then hit "Search."

3) This will bring up only the Actors on your "My Clients" list and you can proceed from here. You can click to filter by Actors who have an incomplete profile and still need "A Linked Actors Access Account,"Age Range," "Ethnicity," or "Union Status" inputted. Once you have filled in this information, your clients will appear under the appropriate category when you use the filters to submit on a Breakdown. 

Filtering Using "My Clients" When Submitting

Once you have Actors added to your "My Clients" list, you can use this list to filter when submitting Actors.

1) Go to "Projects" and then "Breakdowns" at the top of the page.

2) Click into the project you would like to submit an Actor to and then click on the role. In the "Simple Search" area select "Search My Clients" (under "Show") and then hit "Search." 

3) This will bring up a page of only your clients. You can then submit off of this list.

4) If you do not select "Search My Clients" at the "Simple Search" page, you can still narrow the roster down. After hitting the red "Search" button, the entire client roster will be brought up.

5) Click the "My Clients Only" option and the page will refresh to display only your clients. You can now submit off of this list. For more information on submitting clients, please reference How to Submit Clients to Roles.

Setting "My Clients" as Default Preference

If you would like to always view your "My Clients" list when viewing the client roster and when submitting, you are able to set this as a default preference.

1) Go to "My Account" and then click "General Preferences"

2) On the right-hand side, under "Talent Search," click the check-box next to the "Use My Clients" option. Once you have clicked that, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes."

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