Eco Cast Live is a secure, free remote audition system brought to you by Breakdown Services and Actors Access


Eco Cast Live For Actors

Eco Cast Live is designed for Actors to audition anywhere, safely with the click of a button. There is a private Waiting Room for Actors, as well as an On Deck status to alert Actors that they are next to audition. In order to maintain security, only Actors with an Actors Access profile can join an Eco Cast Live audition.

How to Join an Eco Cast Live Audition

1) The Eco Cast Live Invitation - You will receive a CMail notification letting you know that you have a new Eco Cast Live audition. 

Additionally, the Eco Cast Live button will turn purple whenever you have a pending Eco Cast Live audition. 

2) Clicking on the Eco Cast Live button will take you into your pending Eco Cast Live audition schedules. 

3) Click on the Schedule link and you'll be taken into the Eco Cast Live audition invite. If the Casting Director chooses to include them, you will see the sides and audition material at the bottom of your invitation. 

Depending on the security features used by Casting, you may not be able to access your sides or audition materials until you confirm your audition. To gain access to your material, click on the Confirm button at the bottom of the invitation.

Once Confirmed, you will be able to click on the red icons to view your sides and audition material. 

Please note that security features are available to Casting Directors that may impact your sides and audition material. Files may appear automatically watermarked with your name when viewed, and some material may only be viewable within your Actors Access account if the Casting Director has chosen to disable download and print options. You will be able to see what security features have been enabled underneath the name of each file.


4) Instead of Confirming your attendance, you can also respond to your audition by clicking on the Unavailable or Reschedule buttons. 

If you have previously confirmed and have suddenly become unavailable, you can simply click on the Reschedule or Unavailable buttons to change your status at any time.

When selecting Unavailable or Reschedule, you will be prompted to leave a note for Casting to let them know the reason you are unable to attend your assigned audition time. Once you have sent your message to the Casting Director, your status will update on your invitation.

Please note, if the Casting Director has enabled the security feature to deny access to sides and audition material until the Actor has Confirmed, it will not be accessible if Reschedule or Unavailable are selected.

Use the Unavailable button if you are unable to make the audition. If you do not decline the audition, Casting will assume you are attending and will not be able to schedule an available Actor in that time slot.

Use the Reschedule option if you would like to request a different audition time. Be sure to include your available times when requesting a new audition time. Be aware that Casting is not always able to fulfill requests for a new time. If you ask for a reschedule they may simply fill the slot with another Actor.

Your note will also be sent to Casting, where they will be able to view it directly on their schedule.

5) Once Confirmed you will have the option to click the Join Eco Cast Live button and enter the virtual Audition room. 

The session will not begin, however, until the Casting Director initiates the session on their end. It is recommended that you join the session at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. 

We recommend testing your Audio & Video equipment prior to your audition. 

  • Record test videos on your device to check your audio and video.

  • Try different areas in the room to find the best lighting with you in the frame.

  • If you use a backdrop, make sure it does not cause color issues. If so, consider using a white wall instead.

  • Earphones and mics are not necessary to use Eco Cast Live.

  • Make sure you can be seen and heard clearly.

Note: You can return to your schedule page to access the Join Eco Cast Live button, or you can use the Copy Link option and paste a direct link to the Eco Cast Live audition session into your preferred calendar application. 



Before You Begin:

You can test your system requirements before your audition by clicking on the Test Now button. This will check if your Operating System, Web Browser, and Network Speed are supported. 

  • Check for updates to your device’s system and browser software. Restart your device.

  • Use a device with these minimum system requirements:

  • IOS (iPhone or iPad) Minimum System Requirements:

Safari (2017)

  • Android Minimum System Requirements:

Android 4.2.2 (2013)

  • Laptop/Desktop Minimum System Requirements:

Google Chrome 28+, Firefox 22+, Opera 18+, Microsoft Edge 12+

  • NOTE: Eco Cast Live is no longer compatible with Safari for non-IOS devices, Laptop/Desktop, or Mac computers.


  • Desktop/Laptop recommended.

  • Mobile - Enable do-not-disturb mode.

  • Do not change audio input/output.

  • Allow Camera and Mic Access.

  • Plug-in your device to a power source or ensure your battery is fully charged.

  • Use landscape orientation on a phone or tablet.

  • Close all other apps and browser tabs. This will allow your device to fully prioritize its resources to your Eco Cast Live session.

6) Once you click Join Eco Cast Live you will be asked to share your device camera and microphone. We recommend using the built-in internal microphone and camera on your device. Then you will have the option to Enter Waiting Room.


7) In the Waiting Room, you will be able to review your video and audio feed to ensure that you are happy with the display. 

Once you're ready, toggle yourself to Yes next to Ready To Audition, to indicate to the Casting Director that you are ready and available. 


8) In the Waiting Room or in the audition room, Casting may send you a message through the Chat Feature. If Casting sends you a message, the Chat icon will appear in blue to indicate that you have a new unread message. 

Note: You will only see messages that Casting has directed to you. 


You will also have the ability to respond to a Chat message, if the Casting Director has enabled replies.

9) Once you have marked yourself as Ready To Audition, the Casting Director will have the option to bring you into the virtual room where they will conduct your live audition. 

During the audition process, Casting may decide to send you back to the Waiting Room for further takes or they may choose to end your session. 



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