• We can process files in many formats, including audio files such as MP3, MP4, M4A, WAV, etc.

  • If your file is not a PDF, there is no need to convert it, we are able to do that on our end.

  • Make sure that the PDF files you send us for posting are unlocked and security settings are off. Users will not be able to properly download locked or password protected PDFs. If you require extra security for your sides, we offer several security features:

    Security Features Available for Sides Express and Showfax

  • We post sides on our websites organized by role name, to ensure that all the material is available in one download for a role. This helps to prevent any possible confusion or incomplete sides.


            If we receive multiple files for the same role, they will be combined into one file unless you specify otherwise.

            For example here, the JOE1 and JOE2 files will be combined into one file for Joe:

  • It can be helpful to name and number the pages for each role, such as JOE 1/3, JOE 2/3, JOE 3/3, so we can be sure we have received all of the pages for the respective role.

            You can also let us know in the body of your email how many pages should be included for each role.

  • If you have an NDA, additional instructional pages, or a map to the audition location, we can attach it to your sides PDF at no additional cost to the user.

            Or we can simply add it as a free role to download along with the sides.

  • If you have any questions about making sides available on Showfax and Sides Express you can reach us at (310) 276-9166 or email us at sides@breakdownservices.com.

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