After reviewing your Eco Cast self-tape submissions, you can invite Actors to a live callback (either in person or virtual) by creating a new Audition Schedule. Since the Callback Scheduling tool on the site requires you to pull from a previous live audition, you will create a new Audition schedule for your Callback.

How to Cross-Reference Eco Cast Selects with Selected Actors

In order to add Actors to an Audition Schedule Callback you will need to give them all new numbers or assign them numbers if they weren't already. 

1) When logged into your Breakdown Express account, hover over "Eco Casts," at the top and click "My Eco Casts.”

2) Click on the Eco Cast from which you would like to create your callback.

3) Next, you will need to open the submissions page in a separate window or browser tab. To do this, hover over "Projects," from the top toolbar menu, then right-click or ctrl+click. Then select, "Open in a New Tab," or "Open In a New Window." From there, select the project from which you created the Eco Cast.

4) Click on the number in the "Selected," column of the Role you want.

Note: If you haven't previously selected those Actors you are calling back, click the role name to view all submissions. 

5) You will now see all of the Actors you have selected for this role. (If you attached the breakdown to the Eco Cast, text reading "Eco Cast (R)," will appear beneath the actors you invited to self-tape.) Once clicked, it will open the connected Eco Cast.

6) Cross-reference the Submissions and Eco Cast Details pages. Then give a number (between 1 and 6) to each of the Actors you want to call back, use a different number or numbers for the Actors you don't want. 

Note: You can change the number assigned to an Actor by clicking a different number.

7) Once you have given a number to all of the Actors that you would like to callback, hover over "Schedules," at the top of the page and click "Create Audition" for in person or “Create Eco Cast Live Audition" for virtual auditions.

8) Follow the steps here to create an audition.

Note: You will not be able to use  "Create Callback" or Create Eco Cast Live Callback” without having first held a live audition.

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