The scheduling system is designed to prevent the double booking of Actors, placing each Actor into only one scheduled audition. You may want to see some of those Actors again in another round of auditions. This can be simply done using the Callback feature.

How to Create A Callback 

Please note: To invite your Actors back from previous audition schedules you need to click on the "Callback" button to mark them for an intended return.

1) To go back to your schedule go to the Schedules drop-down menu and click “View Calendar."

2) Click the audition block that contains the Actors you wish to callback.

3) Click "Review Schedule" to open your session.

4) Be sure that Actors you want to see are marked for "Callback".

5) With those selections made, go back to the Schedules drop-down menu and click “Create Callback."

6) Follow the same steps as when you created the first round of auditions with adding the dates, times and other details about the session for the Actor. Click here for more about creating a schedule.

7) If you need to add Actors from your Available Talent list to a callback, click on the "Move" button next to the Actor. You will be able to add them to your working schedule by selecting a time slot to include them in your callback.

Under your Available Talent section use the check box filter to display only the Actors who were marked for Callback to include them in your next session. To view ALL Actors, even if they are not marked, unselect this option.

8) Lastly, click “Create Notification” to notify the selected Actors that were called back.

Next Steps: