Did something come up and you need to change your scheduled audition? You have the option to completely move an existing scheduled audition or callback to a new day or time. To move an audition, follow these steps: 

How to Move a Session

1) In your Breakdown Express account, go to the "Schedules" drop down menu and select "View Calendar". For more information on how to create a schedule, follow this link.

2) In your calendar, click on the green schedule label. A blue label represents a callback session.

3) Once in the Schedule, scroll down to the "Move Schedule" section in the "Modify Schedule" panel on the right. Click the "New Date" field and select the new date in the calendar. To change the time, click on the "New Start Time" box and adjust the time for your audition. Select the appropriate "Time Zone". After making your changes, click "Save New Date/Time". 

4) Now that the schedule has been moved, all previous confirmations will now be erased. You will need to select "Create Notification" to alert your Actors of the schedule change. 


Next Steps: