Follow these steps to add more time slots to an existing audition session. Click here for instructions on Creating a New Audition Session.

How To Add Time Slots To A Schedule 

1) Go to the “Schedules” drop down menu and Click “View Calendar."

2) This page shows all of your audition sessions for you to view. Click the session you're searching for.

3) On the left side, highlight the session you wish to modify by clicking the white space around it.

4) Next, choose a new start or end time from the “Add Time Slots” drop-down menu. Then click “Add Time” to save your changes. This will add empty time slots to the beginning or the end of the schedule.

5) Now click “Review Schedule”, and move any available Talent into the new time slots. To review how to edit a schedule click here

6) Lastly, be sure to click "Update Notification" to notify the new actors of their audition times and instructions.

Next Steps: