Before you can replace a FREE photo, you must first remove the old FREE photo from your profile. Then you may upload a new photo for no additional cost. PAID photos cannot be replaced, although they can be removed and later restored. Once a PAID photo has been removed, it will go into your Removed Photos tab on your profile. Removed Photos will not be visible to Casting. 

How to Remove Old Photos 

1) You can remove photos in the Photos section of your account.


2) First, check that you are in the correct photo tab. Notice the binder tabs near the middle of the screen. These designate which photos each Talent Representative can access. The Actors Access tab is your personal photo tab for self-submissions. Once you are in the correct photo tab, click on Manage Photo under the photo you'd like to remove. 

Please Note: If you do not have a Talent Representative linked to your profile, you will only have the Actors Access photo tab. 


3) When you click on Manage Photo, you can choose Remove from all agencies, if you wish to remove the photo from your Actors Access tab and all Talent Representative tabs, or you may choose Remove from Actors Access in order to remove the photo only from your personal Actors Access tab. 

Please Note: PAID photos go into a removed photo folder, whereas if you remove a FREE photo from all agencies, it will delete permanently. When removing a photo with a SlateShot attached, the SlateShot deletes along with the photo, and the SlateShot cannot be moved to another photo. Additional SlateShots are $5 each.
4) If you choose to remove a PAID photo from all Talent Representative tabs, you will notice a new tab appear, Removed Photos. When you click on the Removed Photos tab you will be able to restore a PAID photo without having to repeat your purchase. 

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