You can upload photos to your profile that can be managed by yourself and your Talent Representatives. The optimal size for the photo is 500 x 700 pixels.

How to Add Photos to Your Profile

1) Go to the Photos section of your account. 



2) Click the “+ Add New Photo” button.



3) Click “Browse” to see your photo(s). Select your photo and click “Open.”



4) Click “Upload” and wait for the process to complete and select “Continue.”

5) The next step will be the printable version of your photo.



5a) If the photo is rotated horizontally you will need to correct the photo upright (in your photo gallery).

Tip: rotate your photo prior to uploading.

5b) If the printable looks good, select "Continue."

6) Next step will be the "Thumbnail Editor."


Note: If the thumbnail looks good, click “Continue.”

7) The next step is Representation: you will have the ability to give your Agent or Manager access to your photos. Check all the boxes.


Note: if you do not see any free photos remaining and you wish to replace your free photo(s), stop and close the window. You will need to remove the older free photos first.

8) The next step will be to categorize your photos as Commercial, Theatrical, Other.Other” means sport, singing, etc.



9) The last step is the "Cart," where you will have two options: “Submit” if the photo is free and “Proceed to Checkout” to complete the transaction.


Sort Order

If you wish to rearrange the order of your photos, drag and release the photos in the order you desire. When done, click the “Save Sort Order” button at the top of your photos.

Note: it is best to rearrange your photos on a laptop or desktop computer.

Next Steps: