From the home screen of your Actors Access account, select MANAGE PHOTOS. Once in the MANAGE PHOTOS section of your account, you will be able to upload and manage your photos for both your talent representatives and your own personal use.

Here is a helpful video tutorial on how to add photos to your Actors Access profile:

Here are some solutions that can resolve common photo upload issues:

  1. Be sure that the file is an acceptable photo format: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. 
  2. Remove any special characters or additional periods in the actual file name. Example: will not work. You would need to remove the period between "my" and "photo". There can be only one period signaling the file extension: .jpg
  3. Clear your browser cache and cookies. Sometimes a file from another website or an older version of our website gets saved into your cache and that can cause problems using the site. It’s a good idea to clear the cache and cookies regularly anyway. Here is a link providing instructions on how to clear your Temporary Internet History: CLICK HERE
  4. An unstable wifi connection can cause failed uploads. If possible, try connecting through an Ethernet cable rather than wireless, or move your device close to Wifi router to ensure optimal connection speed.
  5. The photo file size limit is 20MB. Be sure that your file is under that threshold.