What’s a SlateShot?

  • SlateShots are seven-second video clips that bring personality to your headshots.

  • Each photo can have its own unique SlateShot, so Actors can show their tone and personality.

  • When a headshot is submitted, Casting can watch the attached SlateShot as well, to see and hear what the Actor really looks and sounds like.


You can add SlateShots from the Photos section of your account. Click on "Add SlateShot" under the photo to which you would like your SlateShot attached. 



When shooting a SlateShot on your phone, we recommend you hold your phone in landscape (horizontal) mode and put yourself in the center of the frame for the best result.

If you are encountering difficulties uploading SlateShot(s), here are a few tips that may solve the issue:

  • Be sure that the file extension (.mp4) is in all lower case letters. If they are upper case, it may prevent the upload.

  • Remove any special characters or additional periods in the actual file name. Example: “my.SlateShot.mov” will not work. You would need to remove the period between my and SlateShot. There can be only one period signaling the file extension: .mov

You may also want to clear your browser cache and cookies. Sometimes a file from another website or an older version of our website gets saved into your cache and that can cause problems using the site. It’s a good idea to clear the cache and cookies regularly anyway.


Here are instructions on how to clear your Temporary Internet History.


Make sure you clear them from the beginning of time and restart your browser. Then give it a try.


Additionally, an unstable WiFi connection can cause failed uploads. If possible try connecting through an ethernet cable rather than wireless.

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