Sharing photos with your talent representatives give them accessibility to your photos.

1) Go to the Photos section of your Actors Access account, you will see tabs listing your AA Profile as well as your Talent Reps. 



Think of the tabs as folders for photos. It allows you to have different photos assigned to different Talent Reps.

2) Select your Talent Rep’s tab. At the bottom you will see an Available Photos section. This will show you any photos that are in folders other than the one you're currently viewing. 

The plus symbol on each photo will allow you to copy that photo into the current folder.



You are permitted two free photos in each folder. If you add a free photo, that you have available in another folder, to a folder that already contains two free photos,  you will be prompted to pay. 

You can remove a current free photo from the folder to replace it at no cost. To remove a free photo click Manage Photo beneath the image.

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